3 Reasons Why Reusable Shopping Bags Are Great Promotional Products

The use of single-use plastic bags has been an issue for the planet for years, yet we still continue to reach for a handful of them every time we do our grocery shopping. Convenience is the key reason behind this, but what if we told you there were other convenient alternatives that would make for great promotional products?

According to Clean Up Australia, we use use and discard close to 4 billion plastic bags each year – that’s more than 10 million each day! And if most of us consider the frequency in which we use new plastic bags for every grocery trip or shopping day, it can become pretty clear how excessive this practice has become for all of us.

In response to this, Onya offers reusable bags that make great promotional products for your business. Here’s how.

1. They’re attractive

We’ll get onto the functionality and reasoning behind these bags shortly, but first let’s concentrate on the aesthetic. These bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, making the personalisation of them massively in your hands. You can match colours and styles to the rest of your marketing strategy, and provide bags that individuals genuinely want to carry around.

Another great feature of Onya custom bags is that they can be folded and stuffed into small carry pouches that can clip onto your car keys, handbag or briefcase. This means that your customers have a bag ready to go whenever they need to head down to the supermarket or clothes store, with your logo across it.

2. They help consumers trust your brand

71 per cent of adults consider themselves aware of the positive and negative impact that the products they buy have on the environment, with 57 per cent stating that this is something they consider on a daily basis, according to Ipsos, a global independent market research company. With this information in mind, it’s important to illustrate to your customers that you share their concern – and that by trusting your brand, they are supporting a company that is actively involved in improving the environment of our planet.

With so many individuals taking an active role in the purchase of eco-friendly and sustainable products, it makes sense for your business to grasp onto that passion with a great promotional products that promotes your company with your own logo. When consumers see that your brand is taking part in saving our environment, it will help them to realise that you are a company worth being involved with.

3. They relate your company to positive campaign

Being an ethical company is a tick in the box for many consumers, and by providing environmentally friendly promotional products that are actually functional, potential customers and current consumers of your product or service will relate your company to a movement that is helping to make our planet a safer place for all living on it.

Due to the functionality of these bags, they will essentially becoming walking billboards as they are taken to work, school, the supermarket and on any other daily activity that requires an extra pair of hands. This means that your audience extends way beyond the owner of the bag, involving large numbers of passers-by, friends and co-workers who will be impressed by the versatile and eco-friendly product that has your name on it.

With many companies becoming involved in promoting a green, clean planet, it’s important that you keep up with the trend. Reusable bags are a simple step that individuals can take every day to involve themselves in the elimination of the adverse impact of single-use plastic on the environment – and aligning yourselves with this concern is a great way to encourage consumers to choose your company over another.