3 Ways Reusable Bags Can Come In Handy

When it comes to promotional products, you want to use items that will be useful to the recipient and gain plenty of public exposure. The various ways reusable bags can come in handy can further your promotional offering while benefiting the planet at the same time.

So, how can you go about this? Products such as eco friendly reusable bags are something that come in handy often and can be used for many different purposes. They have a long lifespan considering their durability and robustness and can be spotted anywhere from on the street to in the supermarket. That means they basically tick all the boxes and meet all the standards you could ask of from a promotional product.

If you think this sounds like something your company might be interested in, read on. Here are three ways reusable bags can come in handy, how they can help with promotion and their eco friendly benefits.

1 – At the supermarket

Promotional reusable shopping bags are perfect for the supermarket. Your company’s logo or design will adorn a bag that eliminates the need for single-use plastic checkout bag, billions of which are used and thrown away in Australia per year. The entire world is estimated to go through about 1 trillion single-use plastic bags per year, according to the Clean Up Australia organisation.

In addition to this, it’s estimated around 50 million of these bags enter the Australian litter stream each year. This means they’re not sent to landfill, recycled or disposed of correctly, but are left to float freely through the environment, harming animals, plants and the general natural world. Because these plastic bags take up to 1,000 years to break down, this is a problem that has been spiralling out of control.

There’s no question these single-use bags are an unnecessary blight on the environment. Your company can play a part in being the solution by providing stylish alternatives to these, which will also help to get your company’s name and image out there in the public domain, whether in the fruit and veg section or down the snacks aisle!

2 – In day-to-day life

Spare tote bags and backpacks always come in handy, particularly if they look great and are of a high quality. Whether you’re packing up for a picnic in the park, heading on a day trip to the beach, walking to walk, university or school, an extra bag is always useful.

Promoting your company on one of these items comes with many advantages. For example, it will be exposed to a wider audience than many other promotional products, such as mousepads or lanyards. Reusable bags reach many different communities and environments and are popular because they are incredibly practical and can hold a lot of goods without breaking or succumbing to wear and tear.

3 – At conferences

In many cases, reusable bags are a great item to hand out at conferences or other work events and there are many ways reusable bags can come in handy. Whether they are distributed as a simple gift for your attendees, or as a way of handing out and storing information, documents and items they may need, you can’t go wrong. There will always be a place for them at events like these!

What’s more, the item’s life will stretch far beyond the duration of the conference itself, with recipients realising how useful the product can be and using it out and about for possibly years to come.

Consider filling these promotional bags with important documents and items, such as pens, and handing the bag to guests upon arrival. This gives them a stylish way to carry around the papers and objects they need, while also working to promote your company’s brand and image.