Add Some Zesty Herbs To Your Produce Bag

If you’re looking for some exciting flavours to enhance your meals at dinner time, there are plenty of herbs available to give any dish that extra kick.

Here are some of the best herbs to try adding to your produce bag (or harvesting from your own herb garden!) when you next visit the supermarket:


This fragrant herb has a strong, distinct flavour and leafy green appearance. It’s perfect to buy in large bunches and sprinkle over any dish for a little flavour, but is particularly yummy used in spicy dishes such as Thai or Indian curries. Chop up the leaves and spread over top of a dish, utilise the root in slow-cooking meals or used powdered coriander seed to flavour whatever you wish – don’t be afraid to experiment!


This hardy looking herb is rich in aroma and even richer in flavour. It’s particularly delicious added to chicken and lamb dishes – why not try a lamb roast complete with rosemary sprigs and a little garlic?


This wondrous herb is not only yummy, but it also doubles as a handy helper for the garden. Planted near tomato plants, it’s thought to stimulate and enhance growth, and could also ward off some garden pests from eating your homegrown produce. Aside from this, it’s got plenty of culinary uses – make your own fresh basil pesto, or use as a sprig on a bowl of fresh pasta.


This wonderful frilly herb is a pungent and fresh addition to meals such as soups, salads and stews. Use as a garnish or finely chop to make delicious condiments such as gremolata or chimichurri.


The thin stalks of this green herb are perfect for adding to simple dishes such as omelettes for a quick and flavoursome dinner, or spicing up otherwise plain foods. How about delicious cheese, chive and bacon muffins – eat them directly from the oven with a generous slather of butter.