eating healthily

The Psychology Behind Eating Healthily

Eating healthily can feel like an uphill battle for so many reasons. Why fill your Onya reusable shopping bag with good ingredients when you can pick up a ready-made lasagna? two aisles down, smothered in sauce and cheese (and possibly cheesy sauce)? The idea that choosing fresh produce over processed food shouldn’t be news to […]

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Are You Stress-Eating Sugar?

Have you been feeling the pressure lately? Whether it’s a gruelling work schedule, or the daily rush of getting the kids off to school and ferrying them between various activities, it’s not the easiest keeping up to speed in our busy world. Often, when we feel the weight of our different responsibilities pressing down on us, […]

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jon's reusable bag

What’s In Jon’s Reusable Bag? #1

So for the more social media aware, you may have seen a trend on YouTube going around called “what’s in my bag?”. In video form, YouTubers give us in insight into their essentials and new finds which they have been carrying around in their handbags. But instead of smartphones or lipstick, here at Onya, we thought we’d […]

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not-so-healthy food trends

3 Not-So-Healthy Food Trends

If you’ve been following our health food heroes posts and have been inspired to kick start your new healthy eating routine, then good on you! Starting out on your journey, there’s the novelty of trying out so many different ingredients to make our diet interesting and colourful. You might even try foods you’ve never tried […]

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Salt Is Not Your Friend

We’re all guilty of it, an extra shake or two on our fish and chips, an additional sprinkle over a dull box of popcorn. It’s fair to say that for many people, salt is taken for granted. It sits on the table, looking ever so innocent next to the pepper cellar, waiting for you to […]

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