Celebrities: the eco-friendly edition

Sometimes it can be hard to imagine that celebrities have time to think about the environment when they’re so busy attending glamourous events and making movies.

However if you look a little bit deeper, you’ll find that some celebs are proving themselves great role models for sustainability and living well, blazing their own trails to environmental attentiveness.

Recently, environmentally conscious celebs have been more and more in the spotlight, with websites like E! Online and The Daily Green recognising stars like Ben Affleck, Orlando Bloom and Natalie Portman for their sustainability efforts.

One celeb who seems to constantly come out on top for his enviro-cred, however, is Leonardo DiCaprio.

In 1998, the sustainable star along with his family established The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, with the aim of making sure our planet and its inhabitants have a secure and healthy future.

In 2007, he released a documentary film called The 11th Hour, which looked at the state of our world’s environment and what kind of solutions we can come up with to practically tackle such problems.

Some of Leo’s own green habits, according to Elle magazine, include:
– Eco-friendly measures in the home such as fresh filtered air systems
– An in-house water treatment facility
– Low-emission paints and finishes
– Rotating solar panels
– Riding bicycles when possible

It’s also been widely reported in the media that Leo drives enviro-friendly hybrid cars, and has donated to an array of other causes such as tiger conservation efforts in Russia.

So, what can you do to follow in the footsteps of enviro-friendly superstars like Leo – without uprooting your whole lifestyle?

Every small effort helps – taking the stairs instead of the lift or hanging out your clothes instead of using a drier can be a great way to start.

You can also choose to buy enviro-friendly products for you and your family, such as reusable coffee cups for when you’re on the go, or eco friendly bags to use when you’re going shopping.

We’re sure Leo will appreciate your efforts, too!