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Get the Feel-Good Factor with Earth Friendly Products

It is important to protect our planet. In recent years, more and more evidence has come to light of the damage humans have caused the Earth through our throwaway consumer lifestyles. People are now beginning to see the need for change and now is the time to act.

Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic end up in landfill;  the majority of this is single use plastic. The reduction of single use plastic usage can often be easily avoided; you just need to be prepared.

Where can I buy Earth friendly products?

At Onya, we have created a range of Earth friendly products that are designed with both sustainability and convenience in mind.

Sustainability comes from both the small and bigger choices we make, and we are constantly increasing our range of eco friendly products to be able to provide you with solutions that are planet friendly.

Make a conscious choice with our backpack. Its unique design comes in a choice of colours and designs. Even better they are  made from up to 10 recycled plastic drink bottles that are made into a fabric, saving the landfill from more needless plastic waste.

It is a great choice for a bag when you go out and about for the day as it is strong while being lightweight (only 90 grams!), easily fitting in all your essential items. It can even be stored in its own carry pouch with an attached carabiner when not in use.

The shoulder straps are easily adjustable, and it is designed to be easily used with your technology, featuring a direct headphone porthole, and your phone or iPod can be placed safely inside the bag. It has a zip-up closure for added safety and security when you are out and about.

In order to be more Earth friendly, you could also consider using our reusable produce bags. These convenient bags are a great way to store your fruit and vegetables when at the supermarket, rather than using the disposable plastic bags that are often available. They also come with a handy carry pouch, which is available in your choice of colour.

They are super lightweight (only 10 grams!), so they will not cost you any extra when you weigh your produce on the scales. They are also transparent, meaning the cashier can easily see what you have inside, saving you time at the checkout.

Like our backpacks, these clever bags are made from BPA Free recycled plastic drink bottles, so you know you are doing right by the Earth.

Another handy feature of our produce bags is that they are designed in mesh, allowing water and air to easily flow through. This means that you can easily wash your fruit and vegetables in their bag when you get home from the supermarket. After you have washed them, simply dry them off and store in your usual place and dry out your bag ready for its next use.

Onya’s Earth Friendly Products are available online

Now Earth friendly products are available in the UK direct from Onya. What are you waiting for? Order yours today, and together we can make a positive impact on our world.

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