Easy eco friendly shopping tips

Shopping can either be one of life’s greatest pleasures or one of life’s greatest chores, depending on what you’re shopping for!

Hitting the stores for treats like a new party dress or handbag can be great fun, while shopping for groceries or absolute necessities isn’t always the most engaging task.

However, while we can’t promise to make your grocery shopping trip any more fun, we can share a few tips with you on how to shop in a more eco friendly fashion.

It’s in the bag

When you’re out shopping, instead of using the supplied throwaway plastic bags, consider investing in a few reusable shopping bags.

Reusable bags also have the added benefit of looking stylish, as well as being more sturdy and reliable than plastic bags which run the risk of breaking as you carry your groceries to the car!

Buy natural

When you’re out shopping for food, or even items such as cosmetics or skincare, check out the product’s organic credentials.

The more natural a product, the better it’s likely to be for you and the environment, so keep this in mind.

As well as this, natural and organic products often come with less packaging, meaning there won’t be so much waste ending up in the landfill.

Travel smart

Before you head out shopping, consider if you really need to take the car. Perhaps the supermarket is only a brisk walk away, or the local mall a short bus ride.

If so, it may pay to keep the car at home. You’ll reap the benefits of a little extra exercise and fresh air, and will also be helping out the environment at the same time.

With only a little bit of extra thought, you can turn your shopping trips into a more eco-friendly experience.