Eco Friendly Decorating Tips For The Home

Using eco friendly products in the home is an easy way to be kind to the environment and reduce harmful waste, but transferring these clean and green habits into other aspects of your life, such as eco friendly decorating, can be somewhat more difficult.

What happens when you want to renovate or do up a room in your home, or your entire home altogether? Often, the first thing we do is race out to buy new materials and accessories for our home. However, recycling isn’t only for rubbish items – it can also work very well in decorating your home!

Here are three eco friendly decorating tips for giving your home a breath of fresh air – sustainability style, of course!

1. Give old furniture a new lease on life

If the first place you head when looking for furniture such as tables, chairs and dressers is a homeware store or showroom, you may want to try something new. Online trading stores can have fabulous second hand furniture for sale, and it’s often far cheaper than investing in a new piece. If something catches your eye, brainstorm how you might restore the piece – by repainting, for example – or simply embrace its rustic charm.

2. Consider green building materials

When you’re going all out and knocking down walls or building new walls, you may want to think about the materials you are using to build with. Green options include strawbale and mudbrick.

3. Use ‘clean and green’ paint

If all a room needs is a fresh lick of paint to look brand new again, you may want to consider using a non-toxic paint. Paint such as ecolour non toxic paint has zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These have been found to have harmful effects on human health, and also release gases into the environment that can pollute the air and atmosphere. Choosing a non toxic paint will ensure you aren’t compromising either your family’s or the environment’s health!