Environmentally Friendly Gifts

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Next time you’re searching for that perfect gift for the home or kitchen for your friends and family, why not consider something that is gentle to our environment as well? Finding a unique and high-quality gift that is also environmentally responsible can be challenging, but it is worth going that extra mile. Your gift recipient will thank you, and the planet will thank you, too.

4 Environmentally Friendly Gifts for the Home and Kitchen

1. Produce and Herb Drying Bags

With these reusable, award-winning mesh produce bags made from recycled plastic bottles, the chef in your life can store their finest fruits, veggies, and other ingredients safely and without harming the environment by using single-use plastic bags.

Besides storing food, there are many other uses for these bags, like rinsing loose leaf vegetables, making nut milks, drying herbs, or even washing delicate laundry, making them perfect for hobbyists, students, or anyone else in your life. Available in three colours and packs of five or eight.

2. Compostable Alternative Bin Liners

Our environmentally friendly bin liners are perfect for anyone but make great environmentally friendly gifts for a new homeowner or university student who is just starting out. These liners are officially certified compostable according to the highest of a variety of international standards.

They will help the loved one in your life feel better about not adding more plastic single-use bags to ever-growing landfills. These are also guaranteed to not leave behind any microplastics while biodegrading, and they are available in four sizes.

3. Reusable Bread Bags

Who could have predicted that something as delicious as bread could be so harmful to the environment? Between the single-use plastic bag, the plastic toggle, and the various bag ties? Replacing all of these elements will be highly appreciated by the environment (and by the bread lovers in your life.) These long-lasting bread bags are made from recycled plastic bottles and will protect their bread for up to three months in the freezer.

4. Bulk Food Bags and Carrying Tote

For those environmentally conscious folks in your life who prefer to buy dry goods in bulk but don’t relish lugging heavy and breakable jars, these sturdy bulk bags are a perfect fit! Available in three sizes, these bags are food safe and super strong, and they can hold any dry goods put in them.

And with a convenient collapsible carrying tote, heading to the bulk store will be a breeze for your loved ones. The bulk food bags and carrying tote are both made from recycled plastic bottles.

Being an excellent gift-giver does not mean having to sacrifice your commitment to preserving our planet. With these environmentally friendly gifts, your loved ones will be thrilled to know they’re making a difference every day, and they’ll love adding them to their homes and kitchens.

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