Environmental Friendly Shopping

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Get Environmentally Friendly Shopping Right

Shopping is something that people do every day, especially when it comes to groceries. Before our planet’s massive plastic pollution problem became highlighted over the last couple of years, many shoppers didn’t think twice about how their habits could be harming the environment.

Most would go to the store, pick the perfect produce (no blemishes),  get products already wrapped in plastic, and if they weren’t put them in plastic bags; pay for their products, put them in a single use plastic shopping bag and head home. Although some shoppers may recycle or reuse their plastics in one way or the other, at the end of the day that plastic either ends up in recycling facilities or the landfill  polluting our environment.

Luckily, the movement for refusing single use plastics has gathered a lot of momentum and there are countries that have completely banned the use of some plastic items. However, they are still the minority and too many countries still allow the use of disposable single use plastics. Luckily for the planet, there are plenty of people globally who are looking to change their shopping habits and as such, they need alternatives to everyday single use plastics.

How can you make your shopping more environmentally friendly?

There are several single use plastic alternatives you can use and here’s our version of a environmentally friendly shopping list that will turn your shopping experience into one that isn’t harming the environment:

  • Ditch plastic shopping bags: The obvious place to start is refusing to use free or store-bought plastic bags. At Onya, we have 100% recycled, reusable shopping bags that are convenient too. The bags fold up into a pouch the size of your fist and can be clipped on to your keys, belt loop, backpack or purse so that you don’t forget them. They also have a small pocket on the side to keep your small bits and pieces safe.
  • Don’t reach for plastic products: when possible, try and grab fruit and veggies that don’t already have plastic wrapping. Instead of putting them into the store’s plastic bags, pop those into one of our reusable produce bags. These award-winning products are lightweight, breathable and perfect for your fruit and veg. We also have reusable bread bags for your fresh baked bread.
  • Buy in bulk: Bulk buying can save you money and ensure that there is less plastic involved on individually wrapped items. We have vintage style bulk produce bags that are perfect for those bulk food buys. Coming in three sizes, they are made from recycled material and are reusable for all your shopping trips.
  • Snack wraps: if you’re heading to the store to grab a bite for the office or your evening commute, then you can ditch the plastic wrapping and single use zip-locks and use our reusable snack wraps that keep your food secure and are kind to the environment.

Shopping in an environmentally friendly way doesn’t have to be complex and you won’t lose any of the conveniences that you are used to. Onya products are a sustainable alternative to single use plastic shopping accessories. Simply browse our website for more information about our Environmentally sustainable products and visit our online shop for direct access towards a more environmentally friendly shopping experience.

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