Facts About The Awe-Inspiring Sequoia Tree

Have you ever seen a giant sequoia tree, also known as a giant redwood, up close?

You might want to add doing so onto your ‘bucket list’, because these are some seriously impressive trees. Here are some fun facts about sequoias and just why they’re so wonderful to see.

They’re big

Giant sequoias, scientifically named sequoiadendron giganteum, are the world’s largest species of tree.

They can grow to mind-blowingly huge sizes. For example, the largest living sequoia and therefore largest tree in the world is named the General Sherman Tree and is almost 84m high with a 24 metre circumference! This is found in Sequoia National Park, California.

It’s deemed the largest tree in the world due to the giant volume of wood it contains, however that still doesn’t make it the tallest!

The tree that stretches highest into the sky is actually the 94.9 metre-tall sequoia in Redwood Mountain Grove, Kings Canyon National Park, California.

They’re old

Some sequoia trees are reported to be over 3,000 years old. While the tree’s age can’t be determined while it’s still living, some fallen sequoias have been placed at around 3,200 years old – but it’s possible there are some out there even older than this!

They’re all over the world

While the biggest and most famous giant sequoias are found in North America, specifically California, they are also seen elsewhere.

Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South America all have some of their own sequoias!

If you want to see some of the biggest, oldest and most impressive sequoias out there, head to some of the USA’s national parks for an experience to remember.

These amazing trees are one of our world’s precious natural features, and you can work to protect them by using eco-friendly products as much as possible.