Follow Australia’s Lead With a ‘Plastic Bag Ban’

As time goes on, we’re getting to know more and more about the damage that single-use plastic bags pose to our environment.

The Keep Australia Beautiful Council (KABC) states that plastic bags are responsible for the deaths of “tens of thousands” of Australian animals each year, including whales, seals and birds. A plastic bag can even go on to escape the body of the animal it has killed, thus, a single bag could be responsible for many animal’s deaths.

Furthermore, the production of plastic bags using coal, oil or gas can release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, according to KABC. These gases are known to contribute to the development of global warming.

In light of this information, several Australian states have taken an environmentally conscious step by actioning ‘plastic bag bans’. The bans encourage Australian consumers to purchase reusable bags instead of single-use plastic bags when they go shopping.

Tasmania is just one of the states to initiate a plastic bag ban. The ban came into effect as of November 1 2013, and prohibits the use of any plastic bag less than 35 microns in thickness. It also encourages shoppers to use durable, reusable bags instead of plastic. However, plastic bags thicker than 35 microns are still allowed under this legislation.

Although plastic bag bans are a positive step towards an eco friendly Australia, all households need to take action to fully eradicate the use of dangerous plastic bags. Why not take on a challenge and impose a ‘plastic bag ban’ at your place?

Instead of using plastic products at the supermarket or mall, family members should challenge themselves to always use reusable bags. If they forget to take one along, see if the item can be transported home without the use of a bag – often we use them without giving it a second thought!