Fun facts about your cup of coffee

Ah, coffee. Many of us drink it daily, savouring its bitter taste and hoping that its caffeine content will give us a bit of an extra boost to help us through the day.

But how much do you really know about your daily cappuccino or flat white?

Here are some fun facts that really get to the bottom of your coffee cup.

We’ve got goats to thank

The National Coffee Association of the USA states that according to Ethiopian legend, coffee was first discovered when a local goat herder once noticed his goats, after eating berries from a certain tree, became very energetic and unable to sleep.

Soon after this, locals decided to make a drink from the berries and after this the knowledge of coffee began to spread around the world!

A taste of culture

Coffee trees are grown on coffee farms all around the world – so the coffee beans that your coffee is made from could be from an extremely exotic location.

When you’re sipping on your daily cuppa, you might be taking in some local ingredients from Colombia, Brazil, Hawaii, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico – or a number of other places!

Grown your own

A coffee tree is able to grow to heights of up to nine metres.

They are covered with dark-green, waxy leaves, with coffee cherries growing along the branches.

Coffee trees can live for 20-30 years and can grow in a variety of climates – so if you’re a real coffee aficionado, you could look into growing you own!

Coffee can be waste-wise

Coffee can also generate a lot of waste through the use of throwaway cups at cafes. To be more environmentally friendly, consider investing in reusable coffee cups.

These can be washed and reused time and time again, and many cafes will offer a discount on your beverage since you are saving them money by not be using their disposable cups.