Get waste-wise for World Environment Day

One of the earth’s most important days is coming up – and that’s World Environment Day!

This year’s World Environment Day will kick off on June 5, and has the theme of: Think, Eat, Save.

This is an anti-food waste and food-loss campaign that encourages consumers to be better aware of the choices they’re making, with the hope that resources will be saved and negative effects on the environment lessened.

In light of this, you might be asking what you can do to help the issue of food and wastage.

Think before you buy

The first thing you can do to protect against food and waste is to think before you buy.

Do you really need two heads of broccoli, or are you just going to end up throwing half of the second one away?

Second of all, look out for what kind of packaging each product has when you’re at the supermarket.

Which brand of muesli bars or cereal has the least packaging? Consider buying the most environmentally friendly choice, and be sure to reuse or recycle!

No more throwaways

Another way to cut down on food-related wastage is to avoid using throwaway items such as plastic bags, sandwich wraps, and single-use bottles and cups.

For your morning beverage, instead of using the disposable mugs provided, why not take a look at reusable coffee cups.

This environmentally friendly alternative comes in different sizes and styles, and can be carried with you wherever you go, for whenever you need that caffeine fix.

Furthermore, for your daily H2O needs, keep some stainless steel drink bottles on hand for the family. This will remove the need to spend money on costly and wasteful disposable plastic bottles.