Getting More Out Of Your Home Cooking

There’s nothing like a spot of home cooking, but with our busy lifestyles it can be difficult to keep up the motivation to create a home cooked meal every night.

However, the more home cooking you can include in your life the better! Here is some information about home cooking and how you can make it as simple as possible for you and your family.

The pros of home cooking

When you make a meal yourself, you know what’s going into it. You can measure additives like salt, oil and sugar so you won’t unknowingly be consuming excess quantities.

You also have control over the kinds of foods you use. You can cook with sustainably sourced food and choose fresh produce from farmer’s markets, or select organic brands from the supermarket.

With your home cooked meal, you can decide what sort of ingredients and additives you’re exposed to. Even if you do opt to buy some packaged food, you can check the ingredients list and know what you’re getting, helping you to make informed decisions.

You also get to choose your cooking methods. For example, roasting vegetables is more nutritious than boiling and you can opt to keep peels on your veggies, as these outer layers are often packed with extra vitamins.

It’s also likely that your home cooked meal will taste a lot better than anything you buy! If you’re not very confident in the kitchen, start with simple meals with only a few ingredients, such as the classic spaghetti bolognaise and build on your skills from there.

One of the great bonuses is that home cooking tends to be far cheaper than any other form of food! You can always use leftovers for the next day’s lunch, too, kept fresh in reusable sandwich wraps.
If you have children, invite them to get involved, too. It’s always nice to have a helping hand and it will also instil skills and healthy principles that will serve them well into the future.