Keeping Warm In Winter, The Eco Friendly Way

In many places across the globe it gets chiller as seasonal changes happen each year, and that means a few strategies are needed for keeping the home warm in winter.

But how do you keep snug and toasty warm in winter without sending your power bill rocketing sky high or having an adverse impact on the environment?

Here are some pro tips:

Check up on your insulation

Reusable bags and coffee mugs aren’t the only eco friendly products – insulation is pretty environmentally beneficial, too! That’s because good insulation helps to keep your home warm. Make sure the ceiling and crawl spaces in your home have plentiful insulation, as heat air rises and often it’s in this way that it escapes.

With more and better quality insulation, any heat you do generate with a heater will be retained for longer.

Seal your home

Do you notice draughts or cold spots coming through in your home? You may have some cracks or gaps that need filling. You can use gap filler to fix some spots, and other areas you may need to plug up temporary. If you doors have gaps, for example, grab a door stopper from a local store or use a rolled up towel to block the airflow when the temperature’s cooler.

Keep yourself warm

When all else fails, layer up! Thermal tops and bottoms are a great place to start, paired with wool, cotton or fleece jackets or jumpers as supplementary layers.

Hats, scarves and thick socks are all other good options.

If you’re getting cold at night, it may pay to add some more blankets to the mix to keep you snug.

Finally, nothing warms us up like a nice hot cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, which can all be enjoyed in your eco-friendly reusable coffee cup.