Keeping Your Home Cool During Summer

Australia is already heating up noticeably and it’s not even the height of summer yet!  That means it’s a great time to get prepared for the extra warm weather that’s set  to come by taking some easy steps towards keeping your home cool.

Here are some tips on keeping your home cool without having to resort to high levels of usage of your air conditioning unit.

Get shady

Sunlight coming through the window can cause your home to heat up to uncomfortable levels. Create areas of shade throughout the home to counter this effect. Draw blinds and curtains or place awnings outside so that heat through the windows doesn’t cause your house to sizzle.

While opening windows to let air in might seem like a good idea, sometimes if the air is still and it’s during the hottest part of the day, it will make your house even warmer! Let in an early morning and evening breeze, but otherwise keep those windows closed.

If you have a ceiling fan, turn it on. These use a lot less electricity than an air conditioning unit, but can be highly effective in helping you cool down.

Also remember that devices you might not even think about can be creating heat. Lights, for example, can emit a lot of warmth you don’t need at this time of year – so switch them off when you don’t need them. Eco friendly products such as LED lights will emit less heat than other kinds of illumination, so consider installing these for summer.

Even your dishwasher and washing machine can be hot culprits, so it’s best to limit use to the early morning and evening, once the temperature has dropped. The same goes for the oven, a major thermal generator.

Follow a few of these tips and you’re likely to have a much more comfortable summer.