Plant A Tree For The International Day Of Forests And The Tree

Using eco friendly products such as reusable bags means us Australians can help to limit the amount of plastics – and therefore greenhouse gases – that make their way into our environment.

However, there are also plenty of natural resources that help us in the fight against carbon dioxide and its poisonous tendencies. One of the largest helpers, the tree, is to be celebrated on March 21.

This date will see International Day Of Forests And The Tree, declared by the United Nations General Assembly, observed worldwide. The day will celebrate the role of the tree in shelter, ecosystems, jobs, habitats for animals, and protection of the environment.

Trees and forests are known to absorb carbon dioxide from the ecosystem, removing much of this dangerous gas that contributes to climate change. In fact, the Industry and Investment of the New South Wales’ government estimates that a forest of 30 year old trees can remove 200 to 500 tonnes per hectare of carbon dioxide.

Plus, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) estimates that Australia’s native forests are keeping 24 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere!

That’s a massive amount of carbon dioxide removed from our environment – so what better way to celebrate the International Day of Forests and the Tree than planting a tree of your own?

The DAFF states that eucalypt woodlands hold the most CO2 over any other forest, so a eucalyptus tree is a great choice. However, any Australian tree will do the trick, so just grab a young sapling of your choice from the local garden centre.

Encourage your family, local school, community clubs or groups, and neighbourhood to get behind International Day Of Forests And The Tree and plant their own trees. In fact, why not make a day of it – set up a planting area and encourage as many people as you can to join in.