Pop Reusable Shopping Bags In The Boot

If you’ve ever left home for the supermarket and felt that sinking feeling in your stomach, you’re not alone.

It can be hard to remember your reusable shopping bags when you’re already making sure you haven’t left other essential goodies off the shopping list.

One easy way to ensure you won’t be left bagless – or forced to use plastic bags – at the checkout is to leave a supply of reusable shopping bags in your boot.

The average family will accumulate around 60 plastic bags from only four trips to the supermarket, according to Government initiative ‘Say No Today’.

It’s not just supermarket bags to be aware of either. Almost five million bags are given away to Australians by other retailers including discount stores, newsagents, pharmacies, liquor stores and takeaway outlets.

Ensuring you have a reusable bag or two with you at all times will help you reduce this number and leaving your bags in the boot is an easy way to do so.