dog waste disposal bag refill

Dog Waste Disposal Bag Refills

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Convenient and plant based 100% certified compostable dog waste disposal bags that are perfect for when you are out and about.

30 waste disposal bags refill (2x rolls of 15 bags).

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We’ve all been there at one time or another. Whether you’re on a dog walk, need an away from home nappy change, or camping you can have all the hygienic and convenient benefits of a plastic bag for waste with a clear conscience to contain those pesky ”presents”.

The Onya dog waste disposal bag refill pack for your Onya Dog Waste Disposal Bag Solution is as natural as what goes in it.

The dog waste disposal bags also work well for saving up food scraps to toss in the compost bin.

What makes our Dog Waste Disposal Bag refill so good?

Unlike some other bags on the market, our dog waste disposal bags are CERTIFIED compostable to Australian, European, USA & Japanese standards, which means they have been independently assessed to break down to virtually undetectable levels in the soil and are deemed “worm safe” with no micro plastic residues left behind.

Our dog waste disposal bags are palm oil free, made from 100% GMO free renewable plants, and are free from any plastic additives such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polystyrene & PVC.

Our dog waste disposal bags are certified compostable in industrial composting facilities. As industrial composting facilities operate hot composts of between 50c-60c, our bags will break down within around 12 weeks. Our bags will of course break down over a longer period of time in general waste facilities, however due to the lack of necessary microbes found in these facilities it can take 6-12 months or more for the bags to break down to their natural cellulose beginnings.

Our bags are also certified “home compostable” and can be used in this manner, but like a general waste facility will simply take longer to break down if not hot composted.

IMPORTANT: As our dog waste disposal bags are compostable it is important they are used ideally within 3-6 months of purchase and kept in a cool dark space, otherwise they may start to break down.


  • 30 dog waste disposal bags (2x rolls of 15 bags)
  • Measures 30cm long x 22cm wide/11.8in long x 8.6in wide
  • 100% GMO free renewable plant based compostable bags
  • Palm oil free
  • Free from sulphates, petrochemicals, and parabens
  • 100% Certified Compostable to Australian, US, European and Japanese standards
  • Superior puncture and tear resistance
  • Deemed “worm safe” with no micro-plastics residue left behind

A note on our packaging: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging which is made from post-consumer recycled material and printed with water based inks so it is suitable for both recycling or composting. We ship low waste and plastic free, reusing boxes and packing materials where we can or FSC certified shipping envelopes that are 100% recyclable.

Onya is proud to be a B Corporation. Our products are responsibly made in China and are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life cycle.

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Weight 75.0 g

12 reviews for Dog Waste Disposal Bag Refills

  1. Avatar for Mark E

    Mark E

    5 Stars

  2. Avatar for Gill K

    Gill K

    5 Stars

  3. Avatar for Pauline M

    Pauline M

    Great Product!
    Compared with other compostable bags I’ve had that broke down too quickly, these are fantastic!

  4. Avatar for Luisa S

    Luisa S

    So good bought them again
    Large enough to pick up all dog poo, less flimsy than other poo bags

  5. Avatar for Gillian C

    Gillian C

    I often walk my dog on tracks that loop back to the original paths. Leaving a bag to pick up is so much easier to see when it’s bright green. With so much discussion of plastics in landfill and the bottom of the ocean, I trust these bags really do break down to harmless residue.

  6. Avatar for Luisa S

    Luisa S

    Quick delivery, poo bags are good quality and a good size

  7. Avatar for Debbie


    I picked two of these for my friend and her two dogs. She loves the feel of the bags, much nicer than the plastic ones she used to use.

    I’ll be ordering the refills for her when she needs them.

  8. Avatar for Heather P

    Heather P

    I bought compostable dog poo bags and bin liner a couple of weeks back, very happy. Always happy with what I buy from onya

  9. Avatar for Penny D

    Penny D

    Love that we can keep the poop off the streets and not add to the plastic bag problem!! And reasonably priced!

  10. Avatar for Denise


    These bags are amazing! They are a good size, and durable when needed. I feel happy that in a small way I am doing my bit to reduce the plastics in our world!

  11. Avatar for Rachel


    I was so relieved to finally find some compostable dog poo bags!! We have two poopers so go thru quite a few & I only recently found out that biodegradable bags don’t actually ever break down completely! So these bags have completely saved the day as far as I am concerned & the fact that I have to rip a few off to fit them in our holder isn’t an issue considering the good I feel I am doing not contributing more plastic to landfill.

  12. Avatar for Kate


    I just love these bags. I haven’t found any other poo bags (that’s what I use them for) that are totally biodegradable, and just love them for that. Large enough for any size of dog!

    • Avatar for Onya HQ

      Onya HQ

      Hi Kate,
      We are glad you are loving the Onya Dump It Doggy Poo bags – it is through you leaving your positive comments that helps us get the word out there that there are eco-friendly alternatives to filling up landfill with plastic 🙂

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62 in stock

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