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Onya – Your Go-To Online Store for Recycled Home Products

It has never been timelier to say goodbye to single use plastics! Plastic waste is contributing to significant environmental problems worldwide. It not only clogs up our oceans and greenery, taking hundreds of years to degrade, but the production of plastic emits dangerous gases which are wreaking havoc on the environment and contributing to climate change.

The lasting effects of single use plastics are finally being acknowledged and addressed across the globe and the movement is rising. People are actively seeking ways to reduce their consumption of single use plastic daily. Onya is here to make that task more convenient and easier for you to accomplish.

Our product range provides an abundant collection of recycled home products, offering a variety of affordable alternatives to single use plastics. If you’re keen to play your part in helping the environment by reducing use of single use plastics, we’ve got the perfect products to enable you to do just that.

Shop Our Collection of Recycled Products

Buy recycled products online with the Onya e-commerce store. Your home can go single use plastic free with our great collections of recycled home products including:

Produce Bags

Buy fresh fruit and veg without the plastic bags! Our convenient reusable produce bags are perfect for selecting and carrying all your fresh fruit and vegetables.

Bread Bags

Forget about plastic bread bags, clips, toggles and ties.. Carry and store your fresh bakery or home baked loaves in one of our reusable bread bags. without any plastic waste!

Bulk Food Bags

Our bulk food bag set includes small, medium and large bulk bagm a custom designed tote bag and a carry pouch. These are ideal for bringing home your bulk foods like nuts, pasta, rice, chips and even flour without juggling containers and jars! Each bag can also be purchased separately to customize to your needs.

Coffee Cups

Reusable coffee cups are one of the biggest sources of single use plastic waste. Buying just one reusable coffee cup per day can contribute to 23 pounds of waste per year per person! With coffee shops now offering discounts for those who bring their own reusable cup, you can save on your daily coffee fix and helo the environment by purchasing a durable Onya reusable coffee cup.

Shopping Bags

Our reusable shopping bags are designed to scrunch up into small pouch with an attached carabiner so you can always have it On Ya. Avoid single use  shopping bags by simply carrying your goods in a reusable bag made from recycled plastic drink bottles each time you shop and do your bit for the environment!


Our multi-use backpacks are not only strong and durable, they are eco-friendly as each backpack is made from up to 10 recycled plastic drink bottles! It zips up easily, comes with comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps, a direct headphone porthole, front pocket and a stowaway inside pouch for your mobile/iPod/music player.

Drink Bottles

Want to enjoy a refreshing drink on the go? Safe, BPA free and sustainable, the Onya stainless steel drink bottles are both durable and lightweight, with a wide mouth so you can easily add ice or fresh fruit to your drink. It’s the drink bottle that can be used again and again for years.

Sandwich Wraps

Pack up your sandwich or snacks for lunch or picnics the sustainable way, with our reusable sandwich wraps, Made from recycled PET bottles with a fully FDA approved foodsafe PEVA lining, they are 100% vegan friendly and are super easy to clean.

Join the Plastic-Free Movement Today

There’s no time (or plastic) to waste! Join the zero free movement today with recycled products from Onya. Enjoy free shipping across the U.K. when your spend £60 or more too!

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