Rescuing Food From Wastage

Rescusing food from wastage isn’t about diving into dumpsters or waiting to pounce on unfinished meals at a restaurant.

Instead, many organisations in Australia and around the world are committing to rescuing and redistributing fresh and nutritious food that can be given to people in need.

SecondBite and OzHarvest are two such organisations that connect with places like cafes, supermarkets, caterers, restaurants and more for rescuing food that is perfectly good to eat, but would otherwise be thrown away at the end of the day.

This is then given back to the community, for instance at-risk children and youth, single parents, the elderly, the homeless, refugees, low-income families and more. This helps to improve lives, strengthen communities and aids in reducing food insecurity and inequality in Australia and the world.

Not only this, but it reduces the amount of resources, energy, water and carbon emissions associated with the production of wasted foods.

The impact is significant. As of October 5, OzHarvest had saved 17,778,207 meals. SecondBite has distributed 8,925,464 kilograms of food nationally.

How to help

If you are involved in a business that generates excess quantities of food, consider donating what’s left to an organisation like this.

Be conscious of food waste in your own life. If you like to cook meals in bulk, then freeze your leftovers and store them in your reusable sandwich wrap when you want to eat them. A surprising number of foods can keep well frozen!

Plan out your meals for the week and buy smaller portions – only what you need. Keep an eye on perishables in your pantry, such as fruits and vegetables and even nuts. Eat the item or integrate the ingredient into your meal before it’s too late.

By taking these steps, you can be confident that you’re helping to cut down on global food wastage.