Three Ideas For A Greener Christmas

We are quickly approaching Christmas time and that means plenty of yuletide decorations, presents under the tree and jovial carols.

But did you know that Christmas can also be a time of considerable waste? What with all the extra food and drink, shopping and travelling, there is quite an impact upon the environment.

But don’t despair, tis the season to be jolly after all! Here are three ways that you can remain eco friendly during the Christmas season and have a greener Christmas.

1 – Choose your tree wisely

Both real and fake Christmas trees have pros and cons. Fake trees are handy as they can be reused and are often cheaper. However, they’re not biodegradable, they are made of plastic and eventually will end up in landfill.

Real trees are good in that they can biodegrade and can be chipped into mulch after use. The downside is they can be grown using pesticides, generate carbon emissions through being shipped long distances and it can be difficult to mulch or recycle them.

A good compromise could be to use a potted tree that you can then plant outside for lasting environmental benefit, or use a fake tree but make sure you use it for years to come.

2 – Decorations and paper

Decorate your tree and house with accoutrements that you know you can use again. Make your own or collect some from nature, like pine cones! For Christmas lights, always opt for the LED kind as these are the most efficient type.

Use eco friendly products such as wrapping paper and cards made from recycled material. You can also get creative with your wrapping, using paper, cards and accessories already found around your home.

3 – Food and festivities

Christmas can be the culprit for a lot of food wastage. Do your grocery shopping with your reusable shopping bags and carefully plan your portions so you only buy what you need.

Recycle any bottles and packaging that you can when the day comes to an end – and look forward to an even greener Christmas next year!