Three Sports To Try This Winter

Keeping your body healthy by participating in winter sports is just as important as keeping our environment healthy, which is why eco friendly products are a great addition to the household. As well as being free from any nasty chemicals that could harm our bodies, eco friendly products are also made from recycled materials and are designed to have as little effect on the environment as possible.

But using eco friendly products alone isn’t enough to keep healthy – you also need to add a generous helping of exercise and a balanced diet. If the winter chill is making you feel less than enthusiastic about heading outside to get in your daily exercise, why not use these exciting activities to get moving?


Winter is the only time you will get to ski in Australia – and you will still need to head to alpine areas to find it. However, skiing is an enjoyable winter pastime that’s also great at keeping you fit. Victoria has plenty of top ski spots, including Mt Buller, Mt Hotham and Falls Creek. If skiing doesn’t take your fancy, there’s also snowboarding, tobogganing and snowshoeing as snowy exercise options. Plus, you’ll get to witness some of Australia’s most gorgeous scenery, which will only steel your resolve to protect the environment with eco friendly products.

Rugby league

Any winter sports list simply can’t leave rugby league off. Australia has a close affiliation with the sport, and there are plenty of ways to get into it. Kids can join the ‘Kids to Kangaroos’ program, and those aged under 18 can join a junior team. Anyone older than this can join a senior club and play. This is a fast-paced sport and will get you running – but don’t worry, club games aren’t quite as rough as the ones you see on TV!


This quick-thinking sport is perfect for getting the heart rate up, and contrary to popular belief, is not just for girls. Get your friends together and join a social team – before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to your daily dose of exercise. Just remember to take stainless steel drink bottles along with you!