Three Tips For Surviving Summer

Spring is well and truly in swing, so it’s time to think about how you’re going to handle your water, electricity and resource usage for surviving summer, a potentially scorching season.

Not only will you be using extra electricity on things like cooling, you’re likely to be spending more and consuming more foods and beverages around Christmas and New Year.

Here are some surviving summer tips to avoid this season’s bills and wastage getting out of hand.

Cooling the cheaper way

Before switching on the air con, try to cool your home using more thrifty measures. Sun on your windows can be a driving force behind a hot home, so close your blinds or curtains in the day when the sun is beating down.

You can also shade your home’s exterior with trees, pergolas, awnings or vines for relief from the heat.

Switch on a ceiling fan before you reach for the air conditioner, as these are more energy efficient and won’t put such a sting into your electricity bill.

Travel with care

Many Aussies head off camping or on road trips during the summer break. If you’re driving, make sure your car is well-maintained so it’s as fuel efficient as can be.

If venturing out into the wilderness, be sure not to leave any waste behind or cause any damage to the natural environment. Eco friendly products can be handy here, such as biodegradable soaps and cleaning products.

Remember, before you go anywhere, check that all your appliances are switched off at the wall and unplugged! If you will be away for a while, you might even consider turning off your hot water system.

Waste not

Christmas and the New Year can generate a lot of extra food and leftovers. Try to fill up your reusable shopping bags only with what you need and make sure that any food left at the end of the festivities is used in the next few days.

It’s also a great idea to gift your loved ones eco friendly products, to help spread the message of sustainability in the summer season.