Tips For A Plastic-Free Life

Single-use plastic seems to be everywhere, and it’s so prolific that it’s hard to imagine how we could avoid it almost completely and live a plastic-free life.

However, it’s easier than you think to switch to a more sustainable way of living, and in the process ditch many of your single-use plastic habits. Hopefully you’ll find yourself healthier, happier, and with a bit more money in your pocket along the way.

First of all, take reusable shopping bags to the supermarket instead of relying on the plastic checkout versions. An advantage of these bags is that they are often stronger and sturdier than their supermarket counterparts and you’ll be doing the environment a favour as well.

Also make an effort to eat more fresh food rather than packaged and processed options. Stock up on fruits and veggies with a reusable produce bag, and shop on the outer aisles of the supermarket where fresh produce is kept, rather than the inner aisles where things are more processed and heavily packaged.

At the same time, you can also make an effort to change your drinking habits. Instead of grabbing sugary drinks or bottled water, you can fill up a stainless steel water bottle with water from the tap or a filter, which will help to save the environment from the billions of plastic bottles discarded each year. You can even make your own fresh orange juices at home, which will be all the healthier from the lack of additives and preservatives.

If you integrate some of these plastic-free life changes into your everyday life, you will notice how quickly they become normal and simply a part of your day to day routine. Be a sustainable living inspiration and tell your friends and family how they can improve the eco friendliness of their lives, too!