Top Green Transport Tips

Some methods of transport are widely known to be detrimental towards the environment. Air travel and the use of passenger cars, for instance, are sources of carbon emissions which pollute the atmosphere and contribute to climate change. However, it can be hard to eliminate these forms of transport altogether.

Luckily there are some green transport measures you can take to reduce the impact of your travels.

First of all, make an effort to walk more – this can work wonders for your health. Instead of driving five minutes down the road to the shops, see if you can walk. You’ll save yourself money on petrol as a bonus!

You could also consider car pooling with a friend nearby, or even a workmate so you can get to work and save money on petrol and parking. Try to fill up the whole car to get the maximum benefit. If this is not an option, then there are likely to be plenty of public transport options including trains and buses. These are usually cheap and this kind of mass transport helps to greatly save on carbon emissions.

Even advanced eco friendly products such as electric or hybrid cars are an option if you’re really dedicated. These vehicles are now coming down in price as they are adopted by drivers more and more, so if you’re in the market for a new vehicle it definitely pays to consider them.

If you have a family, you can also make becoming more eco friendly a fun activity. For instance, catching the bus or a train can be very exciting for children, or maybe you could take a family walk to the bakery each Sunday morning instead of driving? The many possibilities for green transport are waiting to be discovered, simply look for ways to make changes whenever you can.