Transform Your Summer Into A Green One

Summer is full of fun activities and luckily there are plenty of ways in which you can make sure you’re staying green and eco friendly through the season.

Here are some tips on you can stay green through the summer while going about your normal activities.


Summer is a great time for picnics on the beach or in the park. To remain eco friendly, make sure you don’t use items like disposable plastic wrap or bags.

Instead, pack your picnic with reusable sandwich wraps and bags, which will keep your food fresh and ready-to-eat.

Don’t take disposable cutlery with your, either. Instead, make sure everything you bring is reusable and can be taken home and washed. Always clean up after yourself too – don’t leave any rubbish behind!


If you embark upon a summer camping trip, make sure you look after the environment around you. Obey whatever the campsite’s instructions are, such as to take your rubbish with you or avoid using washing detergents near rivers.

When you take your car, make sure you car pool, driving with your travelling companions to avoid unnecessary extra cars.


If you’ve got a swimming pool, make sure you’re using an efficient pump and not keeping the water unnecessarily warm.

As well as this, avoid using unnecessary water through activities such as water fights. While these may be fun and tempting, they will waste water! Head to nearest beach, lake or public pool instead, saving resources to make use of what’s already there. It’s also a great way to socialise.

Make use of these tips and enjoy summer in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way!