Why Should You Take Eco Friendly Products On Holiday?

With Easter fast approaching, plenty of Australians will be looking to forward to packing up the kids and heading away on holiday for a short break as the Easter Bunny does his rounds.

However, going on holiday is no reason to ditch your eco friendly products – here’s why they should come away on holiday with you (and how they can come in handy!).

Stainless steel drink bottles

Seeing the sights on your travels can be thirsty work, so you and your family will need to keep fluids up. Without the luxury of a tap nearby to quench your thirst, it could be tempting to head for the nearest supermarket and get your hands on a quick-fix plastic bottle – but this is a huge no-no for the environment.

According to the Ocean Crusaders organisation, the combination of creating, transporting, refrigerating and recycling the bottle could cause more than 60,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Instead, pack your family’s stainless steel drink bottles in your suitcases to take along with you no matter where you go. Aside from being environmentally friendly, these also have the bonus of being durable enough to survive in transit and will keep your water fantastically fresh.

Reusable sandwich wrap

If you’re headed on holiday, buying your own food is tempting – but can be costly. That’s why bringing reusable sandwich wrap to store snacks in is the perfect solution to holiday eating. Use them to store leftovers from your lunch at a quaint cafe, or make your own gourmet sandwiches to take when you head to remote locations such as nature trails or hidden beaches.

Reusable bags

A hardy and durable reusable bag is potentially the ultimate travel tool to take away on an eco friendly holiday. Fill it with your phone and other essentials such as guide books when you head into the city to shop and explore, or pack with a picnic blanket, food and camera if you decide to do some sightseeing along the Aussie coastline or in the native bush.