Biodegradable Products

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Do Your Part With Biodegradable Products

Millions of tonnes of plastic are produced each year, just in the UK alone. A lot of this plastic ends up in landfill or in our oceans. Not all plastic can be or is recycled and people, now more than ever, are becoming aware of the need to change our plastic habits in order to save our environment.

There are many alternative options available to the single use plastic that currently dominates the market and here at Onya we are paving the way to make eco friendly products that are practical and sustainable for our planet.

We have a range of biodegradable products that can help you to play your part in reducing your use of single use plastic, making a better world for all of us.

Biodegradable Products Bringing You Solutions To Your Waste

Everyone produces rubbish of some sort. At Onya, our biodegradable products offer a solution to your waste products. We do recommend going without a bin liner wherever possible, but we understand that sometimes there is a need, which is why we have designed bin liners that are certified compostable when they have served their purpose.

All our biodegradable products are certified compostable by European, Australian, USA and Japanese standards, and are 100% renewable plant based so they break down to virtually undetectable levels in the soil. They are deemed ‘worm safe’ and will break down to their natural cellulose beginnings  in general waste facilities and even when home composting, it will just take longer than at industrial compost facilities.

Since the bags are designed to naturally break down, we advise you store them in a cool, dark place and use them within 3-6 months of purchase for optimum performance. If adding wet waste to your rubbish bin, we recommend wrapping it in old newspaper before placing it in the bin and change them out more often as the moisture can start the degrading process.

Our compostable bin liners come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the size that suits your needs and the capacity of your bin.

For the dog owners out there, we also have biodegradable dog waste bags for when you are out and about with your dog.

Dogs love their walks and naturally poo when they are out. Dog waste can be hazardous, so it is important to pick it up. Our convenient solution means you can enjoy walking your dog, safe in the knowledge that you are protecting your local area as well as the environment.

Like our bin liners, our dog waste bags are certified compostable and even come with a handy carry pouch made from recycled plastic drink bottles with an attached carabiner for your ultimate convenience when out and about. What’s more, you can choose your pouch colour – great for fussy dogs and owners – and refills are available.

As these bags are small, they can also be used for your home compost within the kitchen. Simply place any left over food or vegetable peelings in the bag and store in the freezer to later place in your home or neighbourhood compost or food waste caddy.

Our natural products are produced by manufacturers that share the same values as us. We are B Corp Certified and our earth friendly products are produced in an ethically and socially responsible manner. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging which is made from post-consumer recycled material and printed with water-based inks so it is suitable for both recycling or composting!

Choose Onya For Biodegradable Products and Save Our Planet

We offer convenient products at convenient times; our products are available to order online any time of the day or night. Perfect!

Onya is here to help you to be environmentally conscious. Together, we can take steps to create a better world for future generations.

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