Reusable Food Bags

Food Bags

What makes our reusable sandwich wrap so good?

The Onya Reusable Sandwich Wrap is uniquiely designed for both your large roll/multiple sandwiches or to re-wrap that small half eaten toddler sandwich for later.

In addition to sandwiches, the Onya Reusable Sandwich Wrap is versatile enough for veggie sticks, snack foods, pizza, biscuits, croissants, bagels, muffins, pasties, pies and cakes. You can also transport your deli meats and cheeses from the store, cutting down on plastic wrap and bag waste.

Useful name/order window – Great for that lunch order at your favourite café or the school canteen.

To clean, simply wipe with a cloth or handwash and line dry for a thorough clean.


  • 100% Vegan Friendly
  • Made with absolutely no animal products
  • Fully foodsafe PEVA lining
  • Dimensions: 44cms x 37cms
  • Made from up to 4 plastic bottles
  • Velcro closure keeps your items secure
  • 12 month Manufacturers Warranty

A note on our packaging: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging which is made from post-consumer recycled material and printed with water based inks so it is suitable for both recycling or composting!


Why Use Reusable Food Bags?

When you are grocery shopping, you notice that so much of our everyday purchases come in plastic packaging. Whether that is fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, or deli meat and cheese, we end up carting home  unwanted single use plastic that is destined to go in the bin.

Onya have a range of solutions that can help you reduce your shopping waste, over and above refusing the single use plastic bag.

Made from rPET, our reusable food bags are made from recycled material to transport your food home in a zero waste way. There are many colour and design options to choose from, to make sure that while you are doing good for the planet, you can look stylish too!

Reusable Food Bags for You and The Environment

Not only do we want to protect the planet, we also want to save time and money. One of the easiest ways to reduce your grocery spending is to buy from the bulk food bin. Bringing containers and jars with you to the grocery store is cumbersome, and although it does limit the amount of plastic packaging, it isn’t the ideal solution.

However, we have created a reusable bulk food bag set that is available as a set or individually in several sizes to customize to your needs. These reusable food bags are perfect for buying cupboard staples like flour, sugar and cereal ready to transport them home and decant them into their storage jars.

They feature a PEVA window so that you can see the contents – this also works as a labelling system, so that you can easily tell the difference between two products that look the same (such as plain and self-raising flour). We recommend using a whiteboard pen or similar for this though, as marker can be difficult to remove cleanly.

These bags are intended to be used as transport for your bulk food buying. They are made from rPET material (recycled BPA Free plastic drink bottles), which is a woven fabric and therefore not airtight. Items such as dried pasta can be stored in these bags, but we don’t suggest using them as a long-term storage solution for anything that needs to be kept fresh.

Our bulk food bags can be bought individually, but the best value way to get all the reusable food bags we think you need – including a tote bag and carry case– is to buy the Bulk Food Bag Set.

Features of Onya Reusable Food Bags:

  • Vintage Style
  • Available in Aqua or Charcoal
  • Tare weight printed on the bag in grams and ounces
  • 100% recyclable and sustainable
  • Made from rPET and PEVA – non-toxic, BPA free and food safe
  • 100% vegan friendly

The Bulk Food Bag Set comes with small, medium and large food bags. We have based the sizes on classic flour bag sizes – 1kg for small, 2kg for medium, and the large can handle up to 5kg. The overall volume of these bags will vary depending on the type of food inside.

The tote bag that comes with the set has an extra wide, square gusset and can carry up to six bags, or a mixture of bags and jars. The base is double lined to easily handle the weight. For convenience the set carry case has an attached carabiner to make sure you always have you Reusable Bulk Food  Bags ‘On Ya’.

If you like the look of these reusable food bags, check out our Reusable Bread Bags and our Reusable Produce Bags to see how else we can help you reduce the single use plastic packaging waste from grocery shopping.
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