Reusable Produce Bags

Onya has mesh produce bags for wholesale and retail consumers, which can be put to a variety of uses.

Reduce Plastic Waste with Reusable Produce Bags

Are you seeking to reduce your consumption of single use plastic? One of the easiest ways to immediately reduce plastic waste is to make the switch to reusable mesh produce bags. When buying fresh fruit and vegetables, it’s likely you find yourself quite alarmed with all the plastic waste you are left with once you have unpacked them and put them into your fruit bowl or vegetable pots at home. 

If you don’t want to be left with lots of plastic waste at home after each grocery shop, it’s time to introduce some reusable produce bags into your shopping routing. Onya’s mesh produce bags are ever so lightweight and compact making it easy to always have them On Ya  when you want to purchase some fresh fruit and veggies.

Buy Mesh Bags for Produce Online with Onya

Here at Onya, the U.K.’s long-loved online resource for eco friendly products, we are proud to offer what we believe are the best reusable produce bags you’ll find on the market. And it’s just not our perception – our customers have supported us for years sharing their love of our produce mesh bags in product reviews and on social networks as being  the perfect alternative to single use plastic produce bags when shopping.

The Light But Versatile Reusable Produce Bags

Weighing just 10g per bag, our mesh produce bags are super light yet super strong. Each bag can hold up to 2 kilos of fresh produce and has  a drawstring tie to keep them secure and ensure they are easy to carry.

The mesh design of the bags enables water to flow through so, you can easily wash your produce in the bag once you bring it home..

Get More From Your Reusable Fruit & Vegetable Bags

Our reusable produce bags are truly versatile. They can be used to buy and carry home bulk foods such as nuts, dried fruit and certain grains too. They can come in really handy as a laundry bag for delicates as well as for drying herbs and as nut milk bags. Some of our customers have even used them as exclusion bags for fruit trees and even as fly nets! It’s safe to say they certainly provide versatility and value for money!

Your Complete Online for Eco Friendly Products

If you are in the market for reusable eco friendly products, we’ve got lots more to offer. Our sustainable range of products extends far beyond our reusable produce bags. We’ve got everything from reusable coffee mugs to bpa free drink bottles, reusable shopping bags to reusable bread bags, backpacks made from recycled plastic drink bottles and much more.

Now you can truly join the zero waste movement with all the great products from the Onya online store. To sweeten the deal, we even offer free shipping U.K. wide on all orders over £60!

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Onya Produce Bags 8 Pack

(226 customer reviews)


Designed to replace single use plastic produce bags, our reusable produce bags can be used over and over again saving thousands of single use produce bags from landfill and our environment.

  • Made from up to 10x Recycled Plastic Drink Bottles
  • Holds up to 2kg Produce Per Bag
  • See Through Mesh for Easy Checkout
  • Stuffs Down Into Small Carry Pouch
  • 100% Recyclable

Available in: 5pk 8pk

What makes our reusable produce bags so good?

Our award winning Reusable Produce Bags are an easy alternative for single use plastic fruit and vegetable bags when shopping.

Crafted from special rPet fabric, our produce bags are made from recycled plastic drink bottles.

With many people trying to attain a closer to zero waste lifestyle, our produce bags allow you to do your weekly shop without the need for single use plastic.

Our very light but deceptively strong mesh bags can hold up to 2 kilos/4.4 pounds of produce and feature a gussett and drawsting tie.

Weighing in at only 10 grams per bag, our reusable produce bags barely register on a scale and the see through mesh bags allow shop assistants to know exactly what is inside your produce bag at a glance.

The bags let water/air flow through so you can use them to wash your produce and then simply take your washed produce out, dry it off, and place in a storage container to pop into the fridge or store on the benchtop, and simply hang your bags to dry.

Available in either a 5 pack or an 8 pack, our produce bags stuff down into a brightly coloured pouch the size of your fist when not it use and can attach to a belt or bag by way of it’s strong carabiner clip.

Traditional single use plastic bags can also cause ‘sweating’ making the life cycle of your fresh produce much shorter. The open nature of the mesh bags allows your bench top produce such as apples and oranges to ‘breathe’ which gives it a longer life compared to plastic bags.

The bags can be washed simply with a cool water handwash when the need arises, or they can be put on a cool gentle cycle in the washing machine.


  • Made from BPA Free foodsafe rPET material (recycled plastic drink bottles)
  • Weighing just 10 grams per bag, they are lightweight but strong
  • Each bag holds up to 2 kilos/4.4 pounds
  • The bags measure 30cm wide x 25cm high/11.8in wide x 9.8in high and they have a 2cm/0.7in gusset
  • Bags feature a gussett and draw string tie
  • See through mesh bags allow shop assistants to know exactly what’s inside at a glance
  • Made from up to 10 recycled plastic drink bottles (rPET)
  • 100% Vegan Friendly
  • 12 month Manufacturers Warranty

Non Toxic Award WinnerNon Toxic Award WinnerAward Winning Reusable

Other Produce Bag Uses:

Incredibly versatile, our reusable produce bags have been used for everything such as exclusion bags for fruit trees, colanders to wash fresh leafy greens and even fly nets.

There are many other uses for our produce bags. Please see below for some other handy ways our bags can be used in your everyday life!

  • Bulk Goods: Dried Fruit, Nuts, Grains
  • Laundry bag
  • Nut Milk bag
  • Herb Drying

A note on our packaging: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging which is made from post-consumer recycled material and printed with water based inks so it is suitable for both recycling or composting. We ship low waste and plastic free, reusing boxes and packing materials where we can or FSC certified shipping envelopes that are 100% recyclable.

Onya is proud to be a B Corporation. Our products are responsibly made in China and are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life cycle.

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 19 × 11 × 3.5 cm

226 reviews for Onya Produce Bags 8 Pack

  1. Prudence C

    Bags were fabulous
    The Onya products are fabulous I use them all the time. They are durable and easy care. Thanks for continuing to try and reduce the plastics in this world.

  2. Archia H

    5 Stars

  3. Annette R

    5 Stars

  4. Sue S

    Community Care
    Purchasing and using Onya fresh food reuseable/storage bags encourages me to care for not only my family community but the wider global community.

  5. David K

    A great way to NOT use plastic supermarket bags.

  6. Greg M

    Amazing product! I’ve had it for the past year and would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone!

  7. Karen T

    Great way to reduce plastic waste
    Love these produce bags- a must have

  8. Diana T

    They are in a handy carry bag that makes it easy to always have when I go shopping.

  9. Lindsay H

    4 Stars

  10. Sharon D

    Perfect Produce Bags!
    These produce bags are amazing, great to have a plastic free alternative. Have always had other shoppers ask where I got mine from. Easy to use and keep clean

  11. Jenny B

    I have been meaning to get these bags for some time. I’m sure they will make a difference to the amount of plastic I use. I bought a second bundle as a gift. Quick delivery!

  12. Sarah G

    Great for your fruit & veg shopping

  13. Annette V

    My second pack I’ve shared them with others Great to see no plastic or bubble wrap in the delivery

  14. Marilyn C

    Handy bags
    These are easy to throw in my bag before I go shopping for fruit and veggies at the local farmers markets. They hold much more than I thought they would. I throw them in the wash and they come out like new.

  15. Nadja E

    5 Stars

  16. Yonca

    Excellent! The holder pouch is very practical, I can carry the bags everyday everywhere. I use them when buying vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and beans. They have a large product carrying capacity. I have been using them for two years and they are still brand-new! Everyone who sees them wants to learn where they are from. I wish I could find a seller in my country (Turkey) because it is a very long long way to order them from Australia

  17. Jill K

    Love the shopping bags
    I take my produce bags for fruit and vegetables plus shopping bags with me every time I shop. They’re sturdy and perfect for what I need. Saving the planet from more rubbish too!

  18. Mark L

    5 Stars

  19. Karen B

    Easy to use
    Love the size and convenience

  20. Samantha H

    5 Stars

  21. Stephen B

    Bloody awesome
    The bags are exactly what I have been looking for being stuck with single use plastic bags was depressing so I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I have also recommended them to as many people as I can even perfect strangers.

  22. Rosalind H

    Love these bags. I use them every time I go shopping. I wash my products in the bag when I get home so no excess plastic.

  23. Caroline M

    5 Stars

  24. Janet M

    Second time!
    I gave most of mine to my daughter last time and missed them so bought more.

  25. Rosemary A

    5 Stars

  26. Jessica M

    Perfect for reducing plastic waste
    Light, good size, and reduces plastic bag waste! Comes with convenient little carry pouch that has a clip hook so I can clip it onto the handle of my reusable shopping bags.

  27. Natasha L

    Great Product
    Love these bags! Durable, handy tie, great size and love that they are made from recycled plastic. Highly recommend.

  28. Graeme H

    How nice to get to the check out and its easy to process and then easy when i get home as well

  29. Joy B

    Just love these for my fruit and vegetables. Gifted some to a friend and may need another pack.

  30. Sharon G

    My second purchase
    I originally found these in my local waste free shop and thought they were excellent so bought some more. They are very light, easy to use and clean really well. Great product

  31. Daniela

    I’ve been using these for years and people still ask about them at the supermarket. See through, light and easy to wash everyone needs a packet of these to avoid the plastic produce bags.

  32. Cindy E

    5 Stars

  33. Glenda N

    Great , I already have 8 and thought I needed another 8. I now don’t use any plastic bags for fruit and vegetables which is great.

  34. Angela W

    5 Stars

  35. Susan H

    This is an awesome product! I love taking my little purple pouch when I go shopping. Ive gotten quite a few inquiries in regards to the bags. I also use them for rinsing my fruits and veggies, and then place the bag on top of a Swedish dish cloth to absorb the water. Lastly, I pop the bag in the refrig….Done!

  36. Dr Alan L

    Never leave home without one!
    These are compact, almost zero weight, and usable in so many different situations. They will also be ‘stocking-stuffers’ for all my family at Xmas.

  37. Robyn N

    Handy produce bags
    Loving these handy produce bags which are light & easy to have in the handbag.

  38. Rodney W

    Produce bags are great
    We’re using these bags all the time now, instead of the plastic bags at fruit and veg. They’re very light and strong.

  39. Mellissa C

    So handy in the small bag-I carry them all and I don’t run out anymore. They seem strong and being clearish makes it easier through the checkout.

  40. Mark E

    5 Stars

  41. Paul T

    5 Stars

  42. Paul J

    Great re-usable bags

  43. Linda B

    quite bulky

  44. Mairi H

    Great and easy to use
    With the carry pouch you never forget to have you reusable produce bags with you. Really cuts down on our use of single use plastic. Even had customer’s comment and asking where we bought.

  45. Colin C

    5 Stars

  46. Paula S

    Great, 5 Stars

  47. Lauren D

    Very handy, well made and easy to carry in my handbag / car and significantly reduces plastic bag waste.

  48. Melanie B

    Great product
    These bags are easy to use, sturdy and wash up well. They are versatile and we use them for a variety of tasks, not just shopping!

  49. Jorge P

    5 Stars

  50. Anne J

    I love taking my bags to the supermarket and not having to use plastic bags

  51. Kristiina O

    This is my second set purchased only because I unfortunately lost my first set. After many years of use they were still in great condition . Love them

  52. Lachlan M

    5 Stars

  53. Gill K

    5 Stars

  54. Karen R

    These are excellent for fruit and veg as well as refill bags for nuts and pasta.

  55. Lori O

    5 Stars

  56. Linda P

    So easy to take with me to supermarket, they take up so little room. The lightweight bags are really strong. Other customers often comment on what a good idea. So it’s an easy and polite way of passing on eco solutions.

  57. Jennifer G

    5 Stars

  58. Ann M

    5 Stars

  59. Karen R

    I have used Onya shopping bags for years so was delighted to see they have produce bags. I like the way I can store the bags in a stuff sack and clip it to my bag so they are always available.

  60. Rowena C

    Love these!
    I bought some of these for myself over 10 years ago. My daughter recently left home and now I have bought some for her too.

  61. Gabby A

    LOVE them
    I have absolutely loved using these produce bags – they have been the perfect size for all my produce and are so convenient with their draw string and bag. I use them every grocery shop! Definitely worth the money and it makes me happy not having to waste plastic every week!

  62. Debra W

    Trying very hard to reduce plastic use so love these produce bags. Ordered 2 packs couple of months ago but gave them away as gifts. Just received another 2 packs and already gave one away to my neighbour so probably order another soon. Found I’m using them to store vegies in my fridge which works well. Love them.

  63. Angela K

    One set for the shops, one set for the fridge!
    You can’t go wrong! Ditch those ugly plastic bags forever and catch up to the best idea ever. Love mine, never going back to plastic! Supermarkets need to get on board and have these displayed in the fruit and veg sections.

  64. Wendy M

    These bags are excellent, very compact in the pouch and I wash them in the machine if they become soiled. I have bought some as gifts for friends and my daughters.

  65. Jen L

    Perfect bags!
    These are fantastic- big enough to be useful but still super lightweight and holes are small enough for tiny things… and make a great food net over dishes in the kitchen to keep away bugs. 10 stars for customer service and values!

  66. Carol D

    Must Have
    I’ve been using these bags for a number of years now & I can’t shop without them. I decided they make a great gift so I’m helping family & friends be more environmentally friendly.

  67. Lorraine K

    I already have the produce bags and use them weekly. They are light, washable and take up very little room in a shopping bag although I attach mine to my shopping trolley through the clip on the coloured holder pouch. My purchase of two packs of produce bags were for my daughters. They have seen mine and were delighted to be given their own set.

  68. Karen C

    I liked your bags but was disappointed that they were not the stretchy bags I thought they were

  69. John and Helm

    We have used these produce bags for some time now’ We appreciate them greatly.

  70. Judith K

    Multiple uses
    I am a teacher and these mesh produce bags will do nicely to hold fine motor activities and assorted games for my students. It was an affordable option as I need 25 bags (1 for each student). The bags are see thru so students can see what is inside and washable. Perfect.

  71. Kristy T

    Good size for all types of fresh produce. Like that the pouch has a clip so can easily find them in my bag.

  72. Stephanie P

    Useful easy to use well sized reusable produce bags
    love that I can hang the bags from my wrist as I walk around the shop

  73. Janet Y

    Great product!
    Using the produce bags has certainly reduced my use of single use plastic bags. They’re light, easy to use and survive many washes. I have recommended and bought them for others.

  74. Michael S

    I already use Onya bags for my supermarket shop. I bought 2 more packs as gifts for others as I know that they are conscious of reducing plastic usage. It’s a great product and should be promoted at every opportunity.

  75. Silinda L

    So nice to reuse these grocery produce bags. I love it. No need to touch and waste those bags at the shops.

  76. Bill S

    We have found them very hardy and useful

  77. Steve B

    Great produce bags arrived quickly and much appreciated. They are so handy.

  78. Therese S

    The purchase and delivery of your product went smoothly. We are now using the bags when we shop. It makes shopping a whole lot easier.

  79. Jess

    I’ve had this product for nearly 2 years now and I love them. Super convenient and easy to keep in your handbag so you always have them on you when you go to the shops. They obviously save having to get any plastic at the supermarket, but I love the size and strength of the product as I often probably fill them a little too much. The drawstring on the bag while being great to keep any veggies contained, it is also very useful for carrying your produce when just grabbing a few things and not wanting to carry a basket around the store. Also very easily washed when needed.

  80. Shelby I

    The most AMAZING produce bags. I love how you can just clip them to your shopping bag or handbag so you never forget them. I refuse to shop without them now. Great quality!

  81. Jenneane L

    Love my produce bags. They are great for when I am eating fruit in my car and I can put my orange or mandarin skins in the bags and then put them into the compost. Wash my bag and hang it on the back porch and done.

  82. Joanne H

    We have been using your water bottles and shopping bags for many years.
    I love the fresh produce bags that we recently bought. It’s good that we are able to replace the bottle lids.

  83. Alison H

    I have purchased the reusable produce bags product before and love it ….. great that you can wash the bags and reuse time and again . Delivery was slow due to Covid-19 but that was okay , understandable as having to come from Perth WA. I have kept a few bags to give to some friends once we are able to socialise again. Thank you ????

  84. Sharlene B

    I love my produce bags .. I also have to backpacks that go everywhere with me

  85. Lianne D

    A wonderful business to deal with. Well priced, prompt with great products. I ordered more of the produce bags because one bag “disappeared” from my shopping trolley. I hope somebody out there is enjoying them as much as I do.

  86. Helene M

    Fast delivery, product as advertised, love my produce bags!

  87. Libby C

    Great produce bags

  88. Ian M

    Have had your light backpacks for some time and find them great still. The light fruit and veg supermarket bags are even better,

    Good products

  89. Lucy G

    Love the produce bags I bought. This is my second lot as I was finding I use more than 8 so just bought more. Such a good price too. I also bought the doggy bags. They’re super. Thank you!!

  90. Dianne B

    I love the bags I purchased, fruit & veg ones, as well as the bulk bag kit.
    It’s nice to do my bit to reduce the number of plastic bags in use.
    The bags are great, easy to use, ready to carry with us. I love the great choice of colours too.
    Ordering was very easy and they were delivered very quickly.

  91. Emma D

    I love the fruit and veg bags. They are my second set as I somehow lost my first. I love reducing my plastic with this simple and easy way!

  92. Tim B

    I bought the produce bags for a friend, I already have my own and I’m really impressed with them.
    She loves them too!
    The sandwich wraps are excellent and I’ve been using them daily.
    I think your products are great. It’s so good to be doing something positive about plastic.

  93. Raelene W

    Great product, exactly how it was described and is a pleasure to use. Knowing that by purchasing these produce bags it is helping the environment and the fighting war on plastic bags, which is such a positive way forward.

  94. Steve G

    I recently purchased some reusable produce bags. They arrived in good time and good condition. I have used them a couple of times while doing the weekly shopping and they work really well.

  95. Linda B

    Product as expected from picture and description. Arrived promptly and good communication throughout.

  96. Julie B

    I bought the 8 set of grocery produce bags. They arrived much quicker than I expected and have been great. I’ve found them to be a good size (even for the bulkier produce), easy to keep clean and have had no problems with them at the checkout. Very happy with my purchase.

  97. Lana B

    Bags arrived quickly and are perfect to use instead of plastic. Love the product.

  98. Pam M

    Delegates loved the f&v bags so expect more orders!

  99. Carol B

    I am very happy with the backpack and the produce bags that I purchased.

  100. Elizabeth C

    I should have ordered more! I will put another order in soon. I love your mesh bags. The volume of plastic bags in our house has dropped drastically, even though i used them sparingly when purchasing produce, since starting to use your bags.

  101. Janet S

    My purchase was a gift, having received your produce bags as a gift myself. They are nicely packaged and will be easy to wrap in birthday paper, which is kindergarten drawings in this household, when we receive drawings from the grandchildren. I am looking forward to purchasing other products from ONYA

  102. Cath

    My daughter gave me a set of these bags for a birthday present a year ago. I just love them so much! They are really nice to use in the shops and I love that I can wash my fruits and vegies whilst still in the bags. My fridge is full of Onya Bags Full of produce , it’s great!

  103. Megan W

    Great service, awesome product – saving the planet, one reusable bag at a time ????

  104. Cassie L

    I LOVE my reusable produce bags and am so happy I made the switch. I especially love that they are made out of recycled plastic bottles and can be easily washed and recycled again when the time comes as each bottle and bag make a difference to our environment.

    Thank you Onya for your brilliant products and service and all that you are doing for the world. Keep up the awesome work. Much love.
    P.S love the business name!

  105. Diana M

    So proud to have reusable produce bags made from recycled soda bottles in my shopping cart. One more step on the journey to reducing plastic use in our home. Thanks, Onya for a great product.

  106. Kay G

    Best produce bags and bread bag ever! I’m thrilled with them and so glad a friend introduced me to them.

  107. Carla M

    Great product and happy that I can do my bit to further reduce my use of plastics bags.

  108. Lois A

    Thank you for your product – I love how they are made out of plastic waste! I bought the 8 pack of fresh produce bags. I was a little surprised at their size, I thought they’d be a little larger: however, when I used them last week (first time) I fitted a surprising amount in. It is fantastic that the issue of plastic waste is being addressed! Very innovative ways to recycle & reduce further waste! Thanks!

  109. Patricia C

    With my Onya product bags I now use 16 less plastic bags each time I go fruit and veg shopping. That adds up to a lot of plastic bags over a period of a year. And when other people see my bags they ask about them, so spreading the message.

  110. Warren G

    I purchased the produce bags for my mother and sisters to use instead of plastic bags…
    They love them and now realise the environmental impact these have…well done

  111. Sandra F

    very happy; have given out the bag of 8 to 8 other friends as gifts and they love them too.

  112. Kim B

    Love the product. Use the bags for my produce shopping to save on plastic.
    Gave one bag of 8 to my daughter and she loves them too.

  113. Anne F

    Very impressed with the produce bags and have given them as presents, introducing your brand to others

  114. Elizabeth F

    Excellent thankyou. Using the bags for shopping as well as covering the paw paws on our tree – so the birds don’t get them!

  115. Christine C

    Delivery was promp & the product is such good quality

  116. Darrall A

    Love the product. I’d been bothered for quite some time about the plastic bags used for items too small (e.g. peas) to be separately placed in our shopping baskets, so to have a reusable, washable lightweight alternative is absolutely wonderful – and even better is to see that they’re manufactured from recyclables.

  117. Renae A

    I purchased the produce bags a while back and have been happy, so I’ve purchased more as Christmas presents for family

  118. kamala alister

    i just love these! I have had mine for around a year and they’ve stayed in good shape the whole time. I keep the little holder bag clipped on to my purse so I always have them available for use. I wash them in the machine and haven’t had any problems. A wonderful product — really well designed!

  119. Diane T

    Sensational products, impeccable and fast service and a company that truly talks the talk and walks the walk!

  120. Patricia C

    I find the produce bags are very good and easy to use.

  121. Wendy P

    I bought the bread bag and the pack of 8 produce bags. I live in France so the breadbag is getting plenty of use as we buy our bread from the boulangerie. Used the produce bags for the first time on Saturday and love them. Got a surprised look from the check out lady but she smiled when I told her we are trying to limit our use of plastics. The price stickers don’t stick to the bag very well so we just have to keep an eye on them. All in all we’re very happy with our purchase and I showed photos on FB and had several friends ask for your link. Here’s hoping it’s provided more orders for you! Many thanks.

  122. Leanne

    I am loving my vegetable produce bags, and feel so pleased to be able to whip them out every time we head out for groceries. It’s great to have the clip to attach them to my frozen foods bag – so convenient.

  123. Kate

    Great start to further reducing waste. Bags are a great size and awesome that they come in carry bag. Only addition I would meke is it would be great if each one had a toggle on the drawstring to allow them to be closed as I fill it up with apples and the string is a little slippery to tie. Other than that great.

  124. Frances M

    The vegetable bags are fantastic and I recommend them to anyone who wants to avoid plastic bags

  125. Donna

    Love my produce bags, they’re a great size and so easy to store in the little clip on bag. Had mine for several months now and nearly everytime I shop I get asked about my bags, so pleased to tell people about them and recommend where to purchhase them.

  126. Cheryl P

    Just what I needed to carry my fruit and veg in,I have been looking for something like this. These are perfect

  127. Rose

    These are fantastic, can be used again and again and are good size. I really like the clip on the bag, which makes it easy to transport when doing the shopping.
    Delivery was also easy and fast. I highly recommend buying these!

  128. Lauren B

    I am very happy with my purchase and have used the bags every time I have shopped for fruit and veg since I received them. Great quality and very easy to store.

  129. Jennifer I

    The mess bags are great! They are a good size, light weight and fold up to fit in your bag. Great quality. Thinking of buying some more as gifts. I received my order in a matter of days, well packed in a recyclable box. Fantastic!

  130. Janet W

    I received tracking information about my parcel so I knew the goods were on their way.
    Have used my bags a few times now. I love the small bag they come in and the fact that I can clip them onto my shopping bag so they are easily accessible. They looked smaller than I expected but now I realise that the drawstring means you can fill them right up (unlike plastic where you often need to leave space to tie or twist the bag). I have put a couple in my handbag (they are so compact and light and fit easily) for those times I run into the shop for just a couple of items and don’t have my supermatket bags. I’m really happy with my bags and have recommended them to others.

  131. Damion T

    These are going to be great. Came the day before shopping. I like that even the envelope was even recyclable. Am looking forward to buying more onya products

  132. Graeme T

    Great service. Even better communication. Arrived on time. Love the product. Saved using 5 plastic bags on their first outing.

  133. Lindsay Y

    Fruit and veg produce bags are great, conveniently contained in there little pouch. Looking forward to using them each week.

  134. Christine H

    great products! I bought the produce bags and they work well. very fast delivery and well priced. I will recommend you to others

  135. Jan E

    Great website, fast delivery, fabulous product. Have given the produce bags (why didn’t someone think of that before?) to all three of my adult children. Hopefully my grandchildren will not know plastic bags in supermarkets! Thanks

  136. Natalie

    Love these bags. I have had them for quite a while now and they are still perfect condition, great to keep vegies in the fridge too.

  137. Lee R

    Love the fruit and veg bags. Very convenient.
    Your despatch time was good but its a pity Australia Post use road transport only to reach the east!
    Have 2 parachute silk back pack bags made by Onya and bought at a market in Sydney many years ago. They have travelled everywhere and off on another trip next month. Love them.

  138. Sally H

    I am delighted with my onya vegetable bags. easy to use when I buy my fruit and vegetables.

  139. Wendy S

    I bought 2 of the sacks of produce bags. They arrived in double quick time and have been fantastic. The seem pretty sturdy yet light and they just do the job. Now I don’t need to try and reuse plastic bags – I just avoid them all together.

  140. Robert M

    Your produce bags are just right, for me.

  141. l.e.keeling

    Love mine and use them every shop. Surprisingly strong, and the clip is very handy!

  142. Kylie B

    Love the product and am over the moon with their customer satisfaction and service!!

  143. Celeste S

    Love the motivation behind your brand. Ordering was super easy. Delivery was fast. I love my bags and are perfect to take to my local farmers market. I like the bright colours too.

  144. Kate M

    The produce bags are so great and easy to use and it really makes you realise how much you plastic you unnecessarily used before! Love them!

  145. Barbara G

    Excellent for purchasing fruit and vegetables!!! Think of how many plastic bags I could have prevented going into landfill if I had those bags years ago, A great gift for my friends too!

  146. Barbara H

    I love the mesh shopping bags, and I’m giving them to friends and relatives as birthday gifts. I’m exploring your site for more reusables.

  147. Chris F

    Really like the produce bags – using them constantly!! Service v good too

  148. Judith H

    I am happy with the bags I purchased and was very impressed with how quickly they were delivered. I have had people in the supermarket ask me where I got the bags from and have been happy to give your details. i have also recommended them to friends who I know are interested in environmentally friendly products.

  149. Robyn W

    Just love the produce bags! So easy to use and compact storage. I was asked by a few people where to buy.
    Great work Onya. I will be including these in gifts as well

  150. Helen B

    I had a very positive experience with ONYA. The product was recommended to me and I have recommended both the company and the product to others. I purchased 2 packs of reusable produce bags. One for me and one for a family member who is equally thrilled with the product. My purchase arrived in a timely manner and I was kept informed of it’s progress prior to arrival. Well done ONYA.

  151. Rebecca

    Love these!! Easy to get out and pack away. So nice not to have sort through the whole yucky shopping basket to find all the tomatoes and get them out together to be weighed. Or watch the onions rolling off the scales at the checkout….????
    The alternative is little plastic bags and who wants those! These produce bags are perfect for the job. Onya Onya ????

  152. Monique L

    I just started using these produce bags and love them for the fact is I do not just have to use it for fresh produce I use it for beans lentlils bulk buy pasta and rice.

    Sadly the only worry for me is the stiching around the draw string. It seems quite flimsy and will come unstiched over time but other than that they are fantasic.

    • Onya HQ

      Hi Monique, Thanks for your support and for your single-use plastic reduction efforts. Although our bags are purposely built to be lightweight, they are very strong and made to last years as many of our customers can attest to. Our products (including produce bags) have a 12 month warranty and should any fault reveal itself in this time simply get in touch and we will arrange a replacement for you.

  153. Tania

    I love using these bags! They easily clip onto my shopping bags and I am able to fit everything into them without a problem. I have given them a wash in the machine and also just under the tap then dry on the dishrack. I am slowly reducing the plastic I have been using and this is just one more way I can help the environment.

  154. Penny

    No need for plastic produce bags ever again!! Light and easy to use! Can be used for vegetables, fruit, nuts and legumes. Sturdy, holds lots. They fit nicely into the bag making it easy bring them anywhere. I have two packs and have bought some for family too. We love them!!’

  155. Shani

    We bought these back in 2009 when the company was just starting up at Fremantle markets. They are still going strong and used almost daily to buy fruit and veg, make nut milk, strain homemade cheese, etc. I don’t live in Australia anymore and recently bought a similar product from another brand but regretted it as soon as the new bags arrived. They just can’t compete with Onya’s quality.

  156. Dee

    Love these bags. LOVE that they are made from recycled materials. Good size, easy to put a loop knot in the string to keep it shut till home and easy to pull out again.
    I keep coming back and buying them as gifts for friends.
    My only problem is that struggle to get them in their carry pouch- as others seem to have no problem I guess I haven’t figured out the trick yet.

    • Onya HQ

      Hi Dee,

      Many thanks for your review and for reducing your plastic waste by using our Produce Bags.

      We have found that the best method by far is the “stuffing” technique. Essentially, all you do is take one of the bags and stuff it into the bottom right hand corner of the carry pouch nice and tight. Do the same with the next bag but this time stuff to the left, making sure you push firmly. Keep stuffing the bags one at a time left and right nice and firmly until you get toward the top where I find I usually stuff the top one or two bags on top – not left and right.

      To show you better how this works we have created a little youtube video which may help. It can take a few goes to get it right, but once you have mastered the art of “stuffing” it is very easy to do.

      The great thing about the stuff method as opposed the “fold & roll” is that you can just take out one bag at a time as you may find you don’t need to use all your bags, just 3 or 4 if you are just popping in to grab a few things.

      You will find the more you use your pouch, it will soften and stretch a little so it gets easier to stuff the bags over time, although they will always be a firm fit in order to keep the size of the 8 bags as compact as possible.

  157. creswell_m

    Love these produce bags, they are handy and fit ample produce. I originally got a 5 pack for in a stockist and just last week ordered another 5 pack direct from Onya.

  158. Maria

    Love these bags and use them every shop. I live near the beach and the amount of plastic I see in the water and on the shoreline is upsetting to me. Anything that can reduce the amount of plastic we produce and remove from the environment is fantastic. I purchased some Onya bags about 4 or 5 years ago and they have stood up to some serious shopping (I usually overload them!). I bought the latest pack for my daughter who has moved out. I really encourage everyone to use these instead of plastic bags for produce. Once unpacked at home I store food in the fridge in cloth bags and Pyrex containers.

  159. Jenny

    I was very excited when I first bought these and have been using them since earlier this year. Unfortunately much of the produce doesn’t remain fresh for very long in the fridge when stored int the bags and wilts/ softens quickly. Very disappointing and I won’t be using them anymore.

    • Onya HQ

      Hi Jenny, We are very sorry to hear that you are dissapointed with your produce bags. The main purpose of our produce bags is to carry your produce home, thus reducing plastic waste. You certainly can use them to store your produce, however they work better for storage with some varieties and not others.

      With greens like spinach and lettuce the best way to keep them fresh is to bring home your haul, give them a good wash and then dry them off with a clean tea towel (they need to be really dry). Then place them in an airtight container and you will find they stay crisper for far longer. With things like celery, broccoli and asparagus you kind of treat them like cut flowers and chop about one inch off the base when you get them home and put them in a jar of water in the fridge.

      Things like apples, oranges, carrots peppers, onions… would store much better if you want to use your bags for storage.

  160. Vanessa

    Love, love, love their produce bags! Bought them for myself about a year ago and have since recommended them to everyone I know. I feel very smug when I take these to the supermarket and I always get asked about them by other shoppers and the checkout operators.

    Have also just bought their bread bag which I was very excited about, as I’ve been looking for a suitable bread bag for a while now.

  161. Jen

    Have been using these for almost a year now and love them so much, I’ve bought multiple 8 packs as extra little Christmas gifts for family members. They come to the market with me every Sunday, are strong and all original bags are still in perfect condition (well used of course!). Love them and can’t recommend them highly enough.

  162. Flanas

    These bags are fantastic quality and work great for small items. Like other reviewers, I would love them to be deeper please to fit larger fruit and veggies. Otherwise, they are awesome for avoiding single use plastic bags and I find them super easy to use and fit back into the handy carry pouch. I love that Onya put little carabiner clips onto each pouch so I can clip them all together and attach them to my handbag or the trolley. Thanks Onya!

  163. Karen S

    Great idea, although I’d hope that eventually larger bags will be made for bulkier produce such as celery, potatoes, apples & for the use for larger families. Also I noticed a comment regarding the bags opening when they are full and the suggestion of tying them up, problem with that is if you are an arthritic sufferer or an aged person tying up can be difficult not to mention having to undo them later. Not sure what the solution is to that but it’s something to think about. I’m glad however to be moving away from those pesky weak plastic bags always on offer and happy to recommend to friends.

  164. Amanda L

    I’ve shopped with your Produce Bags a few times now and absolutely LOVE them. Today I was at Woolies and the cashier was telling me how much they loved them. I asked if they make things difficult for her or change her routine at all, she told me they are not at all tricky to work with and they are in fact easier than the green Produce Bags that Woolworths have introduced as you can’t see through the green ones easily.
    I thought this was worthwhile passing onto you. Keep up the great work, Onya! Thank you!

  165. Keryn

    I absolutely love these bags! I don’t use them for produce (I don’t use any bags for my veggies – just put them straight in my trolley) but use them every week for the pick’n’mix – we buy lots of nuts and things and I love that we now use these bags instead of plastic – so great! I bought some for my Mum at the same time and gave them to her for Christmas – they make great presents and she loves them too! She was one of those people who put 1 capsicum in a bag – EVERYTHING went in a bag! She was so easily converted, which makes me think that everybody could be converted! She’d really love some bigger ones though so I look forward to hearing that they are in stock soon. Thanks!

  166. Wendy

    Great product. Very easy to use, store and carry. Soft material meaning they will not damage you’re fruit & veg, but also nice and sturdy. Feels like they are built to last.

  167. Kaye H

    Easy to adapt to, store, clean and use.

  168. Julie

    I feel good every time I use my Onya produce bags- I am no longer contributing to plastic produce bags in landfill. Would make good useful Xmas presents to get other family members on board

  169. Bob M

    Very well made but a little on the small side for family produce shopping. If you need a family size supply of oranges or potatoes (or similar bulky items) you will need to use several bags as these are much shorter height than the typical supermarket plastic bags. For smaller items they are excellent. Another slight problem is that the draw cord doesn’t keep the bags properly closed so purchases will spill out if the bags aren’t kept upright. This can be a problem at the checkout if you aren’t careful. I have still recommended these to family and friends as they are a definite step in the right direction.

    • Onya HQ

      Thanks so much for your detailed review Bob 🙂
      We are currently working on offering a longer bag that you could add to your group to handle larger purchases of produce such as the potatoes and oranges you mention so watch this space!
      When it comes to the bags opening when you are at the checkout, we just recommend that you tie a loose knot in the cord to hold the bags closed at the checkout if they are quite full 🙂
      Thanks again for your valuable feedback, as it helps us to create more useful products!

  170. Sarah M

    I love these! The reason that I bought them (to stop using plastic produce bags) isn’t the only reason they’re great. They’re much easier to use because I don’t have to walk around getting a bag every time I need one and the drawstring is fabulous. Plus of course they always sit in my handbag. My only regret is not buying these earlier. Thanks for providing a fab, re-usble, recycled product. I’m chuffed.

  171. Jane

    These are brilliant! Very roomy, strong and well made. I can fit heaps of fruit and veg in each one and they don’t tear like plastic does. I also found that if I fold up each bag and then put them into the sack, it is easy to just pull one at a time out whilst shopping. A great investment!

  172. Lisa R

    I love these bags. We have been taking these produce bags to our organic market for around 6 years and they are still going strong. I have recently purchased more as i love them so much! It is fantastic that they are made from plastic bottles – so by buying the bags you are helping the environment in 2 ways, supporting the recycling of plastic bottles and reducing soft plastic bags at the same time. The staff at Onya are also really helpful and lovely to deal with.

  173. Kate

    Love my onya bags. Bought the pack of 8 so i can always have a few in use and a few ready to go. Super easy to use with the drawstring, Have already recommended to anyone I talk to.

  174. Lisa

    What a great investment!

  175. Carol G

    Very happy with my reusable produce bags and just how much they hold. Easy to carry in their little pouch and also to store produce in in the fridge. Would highly recommend.

  176. Madeleine M

    So useful, so well designed and such great quality. I asked to be put on the waiting list when stocks had run out ,as soon as they were available again, I received an email and a discount coupon for showing interest – what great service. I ordered some for myself and some for my daughter.

  177. Karina

    Easy to use, no issue at checkout.

  178. Erica

    Awesome product and love using them while shopping for fruit and veg. Easy to keep in the car or your bag and the checkout chicks don’t have any problems with them either, they usually ask where i got them 🙂

  179. Tonya

    Love these!! I bought the 5 pack several years ago and have just added 8 since I always seemed to run out. Never occurred to me to use them as a laundry bag…I’ll have to try that!

  180. Bob C

    Bags are a great idea and work well for a number of things. I was a little disappointed with the height of the bags for getting mutiple pieces of fruit and vegetables.

    • Onya HQ

      Hi Bob,
      We are sorry to hear that you couldn’t fit all the fruit and veg in the bags that you would like. We are always looking for ways we can improve our products so please send us an email at info.uk@onyalife.com and let us know how you feel the bags could be improved and we will make sure your feedback gets to our design team 🙂

  181. Michele

    I have been using these produce bags for years – highly recommended!

  182. Ann M

    I am very happy with bags and will empty plastic wrap at grocer or, of course, buy loose from fruit shop. Loving it!

  183. Sarah

    Great product!

  184. Gen

    These are brilliant. My first go at reusable produce bags and I love them! Light, neat looking, easy to use and wash. Keep the stuff brilliantly in the fridge. Highly recommended!

  185. Jill N

    I have been using mine for probably a decade. I bought two packs of eight. I put them in a laundry bag and wash them in the machine every month or so. I’ve got lots of comments from the check-out people over the years – they often actually remember me just because of the bags. I don’t put them back in their little coloured bags – I use them to carry things such as lip gloss, dental floss, a pencil and eraser, eyedrops and so on around in my handbag, making them easy to find. I keep the produce bags in the large hessian bags that I use to bring home my produce.

  186. Kath

    Light, transparent, convenient, recyclable – fantastic!

  187. Bec

    I’m love these bags! I use them every time I shop for groceries. They are the perfect size and you can see through the bag – which makes it easier at the checkout. The coloured carry pouch and clip also makes them easy to find in your bag. The material is strong and could easily hold the recommended limit of 2kilos. A quality product and wouldnt hesitate to purchase from Onya again.

  188. Jennifer

    These produce bags are great. The supermarket employee didn’t bat an eyelid when I used them! It’s such a shame half the stuff in the supermarket is wrapped in plastic already 🙁

  189. Jenny

    Really happy with these bags. Quality is excellent and shipping was quick. Might have to buy some more.
    I don’t know why it took me so long to stop using single use plastic bags.

  190. Victoria

    I love these bags but have a hard time trying to squish all 8 back into the carry bag. A bigger carry bag would be better. I have only used the bags for 2 weeks but they are excellent and I love that they are see through so the cashiers can see what is in them.

    • Onya HQ

      Hi Victoria – thanks so much for your feedback! Not sure what method you are using to pack your bags away, but we recommend the stuffing method and we have made a little video about how to do it here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7ns2fpEWgA Hopefully this helps and you can continue to enjoy using your produce bags without the storage hassle!

  191. Kim

    Fast efficient service, love the bags 🙂

  192. Monique

    These bags are fantastic!

  193. Helen

    Great to not be using plastic bags. I leave them in the car with the reusable shopping bags. They’re light and strong enough for the job. No complaints.

  194. Cheryl

    I absolutely luv these handy recycled bags and on the first trip out shopping they received a few comments …all positive. They fit all my fruit and veges in and stretch really well.
    I luv that they have their own carry bag but I do have trouble squeezing them all in at the one time. Any ideas on how to make them all fit???
    I have bought some for my kids who live in Canada and also for a friend in Wales so I’m spreading the word. My kids have had ONYA shopping bags for years and I have a shoulder bag and shopping bag that are still going great after 8 years.

    • Onya HQ

      Hi Cheryl,
      Many thanks for your lovely comments on our produce bags and thank you for spreading the word to your friends and family!
      Our hot tip for fitting the produce bags into thier little pouch is to use the stuffing method.
      This means starting with one bag and stuffing it tightly into the bottom left or right hand corner and taking a second bag and stuffing into the opposite corner. Continue with this left and right stuffing until the last two bags which can simply be stuffed straight in the top.
      The stuffing method also allows you to grab bags out singly like tissues so you only use the bags you need instead of having to pull them all out as you would if you were using the fold and roll method.
      You will also find that the carry pouch softens and stretches over time so the stuffing will get easier 🙂
      Kind regards – Your Onya Team

  195. Camilla Curtis

    So very handy. Light and strong. I love not using plastic bags.

  196. Joadi

    So glad I bought these bags. They are a good size, easy to include in my handbag when I go shopping and are a breeze to keep clean. I feel so much better using them rather than plastic bags. I have had no problem using them them at the shops whether at the checkout, self-serve of produce market.

  197. Maggie S

    I have been using similar bags for about 5 years and started following Onya on Instagram recently. I am very happy with my purchase of two 8 bag packs.

  198. Sam

    OMG I love my new produce bags what a great idea!!! everyone should own these! there is no need for all those plastic bags that are such a waste and so bad for our environment!

  199. Christine

    These bags are brilliant (so brilliant in fact I have sent my daughters’ some too). I can buy my fruit and vegetables guilt free. They fold into nothing, don’t weigh anything at the checkout, and the clip-on carry bag – I bought chilli red, very sexy!! – is a terrific idea. I couldn’t be happier with the product. They sit happily in my car boot, together with all my reusable shopping bags, ensuring I always have them when I go shopping.

  200. Nina V

    Love these fruit and veg bags. They are well worth the investment.
    They take up almost no space, and live with my reusable shopping bags in the boot of the car.
    I will NEVER use the other, one use plastic produce bags again.

  201. Fi Maley

    These bags are fantastic. Reuseable, fold down to nothing, can be washed and used over and over…
    I’ve always brought my own carry bags to do grocery shopping, but now I can get through a whole shop without a single plastic bag.
    Love. These. Lots.

  202. Anna

    I love these bags. They are very light and fold to almost nothing. The best thing about them is that you can put them in the wash and they come up a treat. I’d love to see more products on this site, particularly a block bread shaped bag. That would be awesome!

  203. Justine

    I love my onya reusable bags and have bought them as gifts for friends too!!
    I use them when I go to the shops or farmers market and also when I get my fruit and veg box delivered from Farmgate Online so I can sort the fruits and veg in the fridge!!

  204. Julie Bennett

    Love my Onya Produce Bags, so easy to carry and use…no more plastic bags!

  205. Barbara

    Absolutely LOVE Onya’s reusable produce bags. I bought mine more than ten years ago from the Fremantle Markets and have been using them ever since. For anything and everything. And it is amazing how much you can actually fit in one bag! They have lasted all these years despite frequent washes. Thanks for a great product.

  206. Andrea

    Just brilliant. No longer suffering QUITE the same level of plastic-guilt that I was before a friend posted about her ONYA produce bags on Facebook. I bought some on the spot and LOVE them. My only tiny suggestion might be that you could make the small ‘keeper’ bag-with-clip (which is in itself a bonus!) a tiny bit bigger so that all 8 bags can easily fit into it for my trip to the supermarket / farmer’s market. Love! Thank you. We will be buying them for others for Christmas 🙂

  207. Blue Wren

    As everyone has been saying, these are brilliant. Yes, they hold an enormous amount and they are tough. I have one more thing to add (well actually just noticed that Amanda (above) has mentioned it): when you store your veges in these in the crisper drawer they last for ages. In my past experience a coral/oakleaf-style lettuce would wilt in the crisper in just 3 days. In these bags they will still be crisp and good to eat in 10 days! Mushrooms stored in them don’t go slimy (as they do even in paper after five days or so). When I first got these I pulled them out of the pouch and thought “these don’t look very big”, but they streeeeeetch. Truly fabulous and yes, people at the vege market ask me where I got them.

  208. Sally Joy

    great service and wonderful products – the world can’t live without them

  209. Penny

    I’ve been using these for fruit and veg for years and only just got my first hole-they are tough as nails and stand up to any type of punishment. But for the last four years I’ve really pushed them by using them as exclusion bags on my peach and apple trees to keep the med fly out – they work brilliantly!!

  210. Amanda

    These bags are excellent. I bought some for me and for a colleague at work because we are both on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic we use and have to throw away. Mission accomplished. I particularly like the little tote bag that allows you to clip the bags to your shopping basket or cart. Also veggies (e.g. beans) keep really well in these bags in the crisper because they are breathable.

  211. Carol Heiler

    very happy with items exactly as pictured.

  212. Tane

    These bags are fantastic. I use them every time I go shopping and love the fact that I don’t have to use plastic bags anymore. I even through them in the fridge with fruit in them. They can be washed and used over and over again. I’ve recommended them to friends and will keep doing so.

  213. Chocky

    These bags are great – tough, easy to clean, and best of all, we are not accumulating lots of plastic bags that end up in landfill.

  214. Trees

    Love the bags – I’ve had one onya bag for over 7 years and its still going strong. The produce bags look great – the kids are also excited about using them. The lunch wraps won’t be tested till school next week but they also look brilliant

  215. kirstybird

    My partner received a bag of Onya Weigh Produce Bags as a work Christmas present…. They have been the most useful things! We have used them for: taking toys, toiletries and other bits and bobs on holidays; storing puzzles and Lego at home; transporting cutlery to picnics and functions; storing Christmas decorations; drying herbs while hanging in the kitchen…. The list goes on and on, and we will definitely be restocking our supply! They really are so lightweight and tough. Great work, Onya team! Love that you are a local company, and blown away by the fact that your bag material is made from post-consumer bottle waste. So good 🙂

  216. Trudie

    I received my order promptly and the reusable produce bags are fantastic. I gave them as an additional gift to family for Christmas and they loved them. Thanks Onya! for the great work you are doing to promote sustainability and good health.

  217. Terrianne Ryan

    I love this product. I have even bought 2 more as gifts for friends, and will continue to purchase water bottles and from Onya.

  218. Liz

    My sister gave me these bags a year ago and I love them! They are always commented on when I go shopping. They are so handy and so good for the environment that I gave my friends and family their own set for Christmas last year. 🙂

  219. Mary

    Love my bags and get lots of comments at the markets – trying to encourage more shoppers to buy some!

  220. Michele Belfanti

    I first saw Onya produce bags in the excellent but frightening documentary “Trashed” (hope it’s released in Australia soon). I couldn’t wait to get the bags and was thrilled to find out that it was an Oz company. The bags are wonderful – I had been planning to use paper bags but Onyas are so much better as they are recyclable and easily fit back in the pouch which I attach to my belt when I’m shopping. Three of my nearest and dearest got Onyas for Christmas and they love them, too. I’m spreading the word!

  221. Michael Rowan

    According to the brilliant young scientist Jennifer Lavers there are now more tons of plastic in the ocean than tons of plankton. She put us on to your product. (Check her web site) Thanks for helping us – and all the friends we gave Onya bags to for Christmas! – avoid adding more.

  222. via Kidspot review

    Pam A.
    Great Produce Bags.
    I recently bought a set of reusable produce bags, and I love them! I also had a great email exchange with the owner of Onya. Highly recommended!

  223. via Kidspot review

    Produce Bags.
    VERY happy with the produce bags I bought from ONYA, I showed them to my mum and now she wants them too!! So much better than the plastic crap that is supplied at the supermarket, and you know there are no previous germs or grotty fingers all over them. I had some great comments in the supermarket where I work as went through the checkout. Will definitely get some more as I seem to have so much more produce in summer!

  224. via Kidspot review

    RedBeck 06
    Great Products,Great People.
    Everyone who knows me knows that when I find something great I tell everyone I know, which is why loads of my friends and family have extensive collections of Onya stuff! We have every size of the drink bottles in our house as the youngest likes the smaller ones, the older kids use a 750ml, and I use a 1L and 1.2L. We have a great collection of bags and backpacks hanging by the door where everyone grabs them for just about any purpose; need a swimming bag, grab an Onya, need a sleepover bag, grab an Onya, library bag, work bag, gear for a picnic, shopping bags, you name it…The BYO cups have kept me sane on peak hour drives on the freeway, and the produce bags are also great for storing jigsaw puzzle pieces and other little toys that I get sick of picking up. Of course, they are great for fruit and veg too, and I think by now the shops should know what they are as I’ve been asked so many times where to get them from. The lunch wraps are great for packing the kids lunches, but the true value comes for me when we are going out for a day and packing food, as they roll up so small and flat when they are empty (or almost empty), meaning my bag is always lighter on the trip home.

  225. via Kidspot review

    (Bec H – 28/10/2012)
    Produce Bags Rock!

    I am extremely happy with my produce bags! It makes me so happy knowing they are made from recycled material, that I now no longer need to use plastic and I can use them again and again. Ordering was easy, my interactions with the company were friendly and helpful and I will definitely be purchasing more Onya products in the future. Cheers

  226. Kate

    These produce bags are brilliant. No more plastic produce bags from the supermarket. Easy to take with you, strong and great for storage in the fridge or pantry. They are easily washed and the shops are fine with customers using this product. Best of all you know that your are not contributing to the enormous amount of plastic thrown away (eventually) into our environment. Imagine not using 10 plastic bags per week shopping, thats 520 bags a year not being used.

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Today’s lifestyles seem to thrive on “busy” which can mean compromise when it comes to doing our bit for the environment.

Finding ways to integrate quality useful and reusable items in your life is an easy way to reduce your single use plastic footprint. Most of us purchase fruit and vegetables weekly, if not more often, so using Onya reusable produce bags instead of tear off single use plastic produce bags or even paper mushroom bags, is an easy win for the environment. They are such an easy swap from single use plastic that you will barely notice the change, however, by making this one simple change you are contributing to a huge global


Our first produce bags hit the market back in 2007 and we were among the first in the world to offer this simple solution to reduce single use plastic to our customers.

Since then we are proud to say our produce bags have been recognized with a number of international awards.

Our bags are ethically produced from recycled material with our production partners paid a living wage and 1% of each sale going toward supporting environmental not for profits.

We also provide an end of life solution for recycling our produce bags once they have reached the end of their very long lives.
If you are seeking an ethical and sustainable solution to reducing single use plastic in the fruit and veggie aisle, then the Onya Produce Bags are for you!



I have absolutely loved using these produce bags – they have been the perfect size for all my produce and are so convenient with their draw string and bag. I use them every grocery shop! Definitely worth the money and it makes me happy not having to waste plastic every week!

Gabby A – verified web purchase

We're Bcorp

Plastic-free shipping & packaging

We donate 1% of all retail sales to environmental not for profits

Proudly a carbon positive workforce

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Onya Produce Bags 8 Pack


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