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Save our Planet with Environmentally Friendly Products

Thanks to the media, most of us now have the knowledge of the need for environmental products. Our planet has been damaged by humans living conveniently, especially with the use of single use plastic being widespread in the last 50 years.

At Onya, we have been busy producing solutions to the problems single use plastic our planet is currently encountering by designing a range of environmentally sustainable products that are convenient and can be used with a clear conscience.

Make an impact with An Environmentally Friendly Shopping

The responsibility of the health of our planet lies with all of us. You can help to do your part by choosing products that can be reused for many years, reducing the need for single use plastic waste.

A simple choice you can make is by purchasing a reusable coffee cup. Billions of coffee cups are thrown away each year, sadly ending up in landfill. Despite looking like they are made from cardboard, most disposable coffee cups also have a plastic lining, so they cannot be recycled.

When you take your coffee cup with you, most cafés will now fill your clean, reusable cup with your hot drink of choice and many even offer incentives, such as money off when not using one of their disposable cups. Our cups will even fit into your café’s coffee machine; they are the perfect choice.

Our coffee cups are made from 100% food safe silicone and are lightweight and durable, designed to be used time and time again. You can choose the size and colour that suits you best and be individual like your choice of coffee. What’s more, they are designed to keep your drink hotter for longer, while remaining cool to the touch.

An easy choice that everyone can make is purchasing reusable shopping bags and prevent more disposable plastic shopping bags being sent to landfill. Our bags are easy to store and can conveniently be scrunched down into their carry pouch when not in use. With a range of sizes, colours and designs, there is a bag to suit every shopper.

Our bags give a new lease of life to recycled plastic drinks bottles, which is what they are made of. They also feature a handy pocket on the exterior, which is incredibly useful for your shopping list.

All you need to do is remember is to take them with you into the shops, but with the handy carabiner clip on the carry pouch, you can easily attach them to your handbag or belt loop and always have them’ On Ya’.

Choose Onya’s Environmental Products and help save the environment

When you are making your environmentally friendly products shopping list, be sure to check out Onya’s entire product range that is available on our website.

Think reusable and together we can make a better world for our children and our children’s children.

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