Backpack made from Recycled Drink Bottles

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Use a great looking backpack that has its origins in single-use plastic drink bottles!

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What makes our backpack so good?

Colourful and attractive with unique designs, Onya Backpacks are made from rPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) material, which is what you get when you recycle plastic drink bottles into fibre. In fact, each backpack is made from up to 10 plastic bottles!

Strong, durable, but lightweight, our backpack stuffs down into a keyring sized pouch when not in use.

With each backpack weighing in at just 90 grams (0.19lb), they make the perfect travel companion or for posting as a gift.

Our backpacks feature padded adjustable shoulder straps, carry handle, headphone jack port as well as a front pocket to store smaller items.

When the backpack is in use, the empty stuffing pouch hangs inside the central storage section and can be used to keep keys, sunglasses or smaller items so they are easily accessible.

Our backpacks are also super comfortable to wear. Although when using your backpack for the first time, the material can feel a little stiff, with regular use you will find the material softens up and becomes more pliable over time which increases the wearable comfort for the user.

Keeping our backpacks clean is easy and we recommend a gentle handwash in warm (40C / 104F) water and simply line dry in the shade.

We are proud to produce a backpack that is not only lovely to look at and comfortable to use, but is sustainably produced using recycled materials reducing carbon emissions over virgin materials and is responsibly made using a labour force that is paid a living wage and have fair and safe working conditions.


  • Comfortable, easily adjustable shoulder straps
  • Practical handle
  • Simple zip up closure
  • Mobile/iPod/Radio innovatively stows inside pouch when bag is in use
  • Direct headphone porthole
  • Ultimate lightweight (90g)
  • Useful front pocket
  • Measures 12cm deep x 28cm across x 42cm high/4.7in deep x 11in across x 16.5 high
  • Holds up to 4kg/8.8lb
  • Made from up to 10 plastic bottles
  • 12 month Manufacturers Warranty

A note on our packaging: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging which is made from post-consumer recycled material and printed with water based inks so it is suitable for both recycling or composting. We ship low waste and plastic free, reusing boxes and packing materials where we can or FSC certified shipping envelopes that are 100% recyclable.

Onya is proud to be a B Corporation. Our products are responsibly made in China and are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life cycle.

Additional information

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 19 × 11 × 3.5 cm

52 reviews for Backpack made from Recycled Drink Bottles

  1. Avatar for Marilyn C

    Marilyn C

    Beautiful little backpacks for walks in New England. I bought my first one in Ashberton Devon in the UK. Your care of the environment is outstanding. Thank you for your great products.

  2. Avatar for Kathleen C

    Kathleen C

    I ordered 4 different backpacks for my friends in the USA. They arrived sooner than I had expected. My friends loved them! They also appreciated that they are made from recycled materials. These light-weight packs are getting much use as we go on adventures together! Thanks, ONYA!

  3. Avatar for Janelle


    I love this backpack more than I can say and I will be recommending it to everyone I know – thank you Onya!

  4. Avatar for Ruth H

    Ruth H

    I’ve loved these backpacks since I first saw one & bought it when on holiday in Queensland. I find them so attractive, the lightest bag for travel, easy for shopping when I walk to shops. I forget I’m carrying weight. And they fold into such small space! Brilliant! And to crown it all they are made from recycled ‘stuff”!

  5. Avatar for Cecily W

    Cecily W

    I first came in contact with your products in Freo Markets many years ago, where I purchased my Onya Water Bottles and carry bag. Then my Sisters gave me one of your wonderful fold up backpacks and I was firmly hooked. My backpack with a emu on it, has travelled far and wide with me. Recently, we travelled to NZ and my other half, broke the strap on this valuable item and I was having withdrawals until I received my new one from you recently. I have a new friend!!

    Thankyou kindly for a wonderful product, I just love your bags and bottles….You are doing an amazing job in the recycling business and making progress in saving our planet from the nasties.

    Well done!! You will always be on my shopping list.

  6. Avatar for Sonya K

    Sonya K

    I have had an onya backpack for the last 4 years and it only just began to get tired. I use it so much that I thought it was time to buy a new one. With the small pocket it can easily fit in your handbag. I have taken mine around the world and also purchased extra’s for gifts. I would highly recommend this product.

  7. Avatar for Marcus P

    Marcus P

    I liked delivery tracking and the product arrived safely. The bags I ordered are very good and I expect to use them for many years like my last Onya bag.

  8. Avatar for Rhonda H

    Rhonda H

    Very happy with the purchase. We have purchased an Onya bag previously and loved it. The bag arrived prior to scheduled date and I was kept informed if it’s progress. Very happy😊

  9. Avatar for Ian M

    Ian M

    Have had your light backpacks for some time and find them great still. The light fruit and veg supermarket bags are even better,

    Good products

  10. Avatar for Carol G

    Carol G

    I love the product that I bought. I had previously bought a backpack from a retailer and liked it so much that I ordered 3 more for my family. The delivery arrived in good time and in good condition.

  11. Avatar for June S

    June S

    I am very happy with my backpack,it is so light on your back even with a load in it.
    Thankyou ONYA

  12. Avatar for Linda P

    Linda P

    I am so impressed with the backpacks that I bought. The last one I bought has lasted me 12 years

  13. Avatar for Pat B

    Pat B

    Love my backpacks!

  14. Avatar for Julie B

    Julie B

    We ordered backpacks to replace an Onya pack we have been travelling overseas with for over 5 years. Fantastic quality. Only needed new ones because we liked the colour and graphics. Thanks…delivery was quick also.

  15. Avatar for Toni C

    Toni C

    I love these backpack bags, they are light weight and very comfortable.

  16. Avatar for Carol B

    Carol B

    I am very happy with the backpack and the produce bags that I purchased.

  17. Avatar for Judith M

    Judith M

    Very prompt service when I replied by email to ask for assistance. My enquiry was dealt with easily and I am very satisfied with my product and the delivery. Thank you.

  18. Avatar for Skye M

    Skye M

    Great products, in this case I purchased a back pack, with prompt delivery

  19. Avatar for Sally W

    Sally W

    We replaced our Onya backpacks that we have used for over 10 years. They required replacing as the zip broke on one and the straps deteriorated and broke on the other. The new ones stuff sac is larger (I preferred the smaller one to carry in handbag) however the shoulder straps are more comfortable with the padding. Like the designs and colours.

  20. Avatar for Fiona S

    Fiona S

    Terrific product and service was great.

  21. Avatar for Lyn D

    Lyn D

    We love your back packs.
    The first one I bought was years ago at the Broome market.
    It was green and black. It’s been everywhere. They are so light.
    We went in a float plane to Horizontal falls this winter. Our packs were stored in the float of the plane. When mine was thrown up to the jetty from bottom of the float the round bit on the end of the zip was torn open and my expensive key ring from the British museum had gone. So apart from that the rest of the bag is still perfect. We are going away agin next year so that’s why I purchased 2 more. It’s a bit sad as I loved my green and black one. It just needs a new zip.
    Thank you a great product, I have 2 shopping bags as well.

  22. Avatar for Bronwyn R

    Bronwyn R

    I’ve finally had to replace my lime green and grey backpack (pocket fabric is lime green with grey & yellow square shapes) that I’ve had for a LONG time! Can’t believe how long it’s lasted, it’s been everywhere with me and sadly has some small tears in the bottom as it’s wearing out (also looking a little shabby so I’ve now got a lovely new Onya purple backpack). I love how light yet strong these backpacks are, plus they fold up so small, perfect for travelling. Thanks Onya!

  23. Avatar for Shona B

    Shona B

    Backpack arrived promptly. Handy and easy to use. Can hold quite a bit.

  24. Avatar for Maureen A

    Maureen A

    My Onya Backpacks arrived yesterday and I’m absolutely delighted with your product! It’s going to be wonderful for shopping trips both here and on holidays! I know my sisters will be so happy with their gifts!

    You’re certainly a well organized, efficient business. The correspondence has been the best I’ve ever seen. Thanks too for saying the purchases were $10 for Canada Customs!😉

  25. Avatar for Kim R

    Kim R

    Lots of positive comments on my backpack and “where did you get it?” Found it in an op shop! and I use it on my bike, hiking, shopping, as a day pack when on trips, and on casual shopping trips around town.

  26. Avatar for Claudia


    I bought one of these (or the predecessor) years ago at a market in Sydney.
    Every time I travel, weather it be a weekend or a bigger trip, this bag come with me.
    I use it as a laundry bag, it keeps the clean clothes separate from the dirty, and when I get a chance to do laundry I can shake out the whole bag into the washer, then just let go of the bag and wash it too! It dries faster than anything else so it’s always ready to go. and when I don’t need it? squished into the little pouch, weighs basically nothing – I love it.
    and when I’m not travelling? GYM BAG! :]

  27. Avatar for Kim T

    Kim T

    Great products and just what I was looking for. Really quick dispatch and appropriate packaging. My favourite are the backpacks that fold up into such a tiny bag, but to be honest, I just love it all! I’ve had loads of comments about the produce bags and passed your name onto many people. Keep up the good work!

  28. Avatar for Ali H

    Ali H

    Great bag
    Would love an interior pocket.
    Otherwise it’s just what I needed.

  29. Avatar for David J

    David J

    Shopping online to buy your backpack was easy and it arrived in a timely fashion. The backpack was given to a friend as a birthday present. Our family has two Onya backpacks and they are in constant use. I even used mine today as I was on a holiday in France and I found it useful to carry a bottle of water and a few other snacks. I always take mine with me when I am out bike riding. It fits easily in my bike’s under saddle bike kit.

  30. Avatar for Madeleine M

    Madeleine M

    Already an Onya fan, using the original design backpacks and shopping bags both at home and overseas. When I saw the new designs I could not resist and bought 2 (Bush Life and Tree of Life) – I got a discount and they arrived very quickly. Made really well, lovely designs, lightweight and hard wearing.

  31. Avatar for Lesley K

    Lesley K

    The back-pack is reasonably priced and being light weight good for carrying such things as rain jackets on walks.

  32. Avatar for Paul H

    Paul H

    Very cool and well made, can carry weight with no problem and an added bonus its 100% recycled!! Keep up the good work Onya

  33. Avatar for Rosina T

    Rosina T

    Absolutely love it. Comes with me on almost every trip.
    I am currently OS and I took bags (small and large) and back packs as gifts for friends and family.
    I would agree a second zip for the back pack would be more convenient.

  34. Avatar for Madeleine M

    Madeleine M

    Bought 2 backpacks for an upcoming overseas trip to throw in the suitcases and use as day packs. Already using for shopping trips. Very well made, strong and comfortable to wear even when full and heavy.

  35. Avatar for Jennifer


    I was on my way to a meeting when my handbag strap broke. Fortunately I had the backpack in my bag and was able to stuff the whole thing in the backpack. Great product.

  36. Avatar for Cheryl B

    Cheryl B

    Love the size and scrunch ability of all the Onya products. This 1 is off to Canada as a gift. I imagine it will visit many snowfields and forest walks . The Australian art is particularly appealing and it is going to a very talented artist.

  37. Avatar for Cheryl B

    Cheryl B

    Fantastic product as usual. Love the Australian Eucalyptus motif. This backpack is winging its way to Canada to my daughter who already has a love of Onya products and spreads the word.

  38. Avatar for Bonnie W

    Bonnie W

    I bought my first Onya Back backpack from a street fair when I was visiting Australia as a US tourist. Have used it ever since and have bought a couple as gifts. I am thrilled to see the new designs! I’m going to get another one for ME right now! Love the way they scrunch up for packing (even un-coordinated me can always tuck it up without a problem). Lightweight and strong they are absolutely perfect for any kind of travel or local trip.

  39. Avatar for Louise B

    Louise B

    Wow! What a fantastic product! I have been given one as a gift to take overseas with me, and, I can honestly say, I don’t know what I would have done without it!
    I just kept stuffing things into it and it just kept on expanding! It is lightweight, comfortable, it comes in great designs and colours, is inexpensive, eco friendly and, best of all, it’s AUSTRALIAN!!!!
    I will be buying these myself for gifts for friends. Great product!

  40. Avatar for Paula B

    Paula B

    I already had one of these backpacks, but I love it so much I wanted another for a spare. I live in the US, and was surprised to find out that I could only order from Australia. Well, the prices were reasonable and the shipping fast, so I ended up buying two backpacks. They are sturdy, surprisingly roomy and fold down to a nice portable size.

  41. Avatar for Cheryl


    Fantastic backpack useful size. This one is going for a present to Canada……along with many other ONYA products.
    Thank you for reducing the use of plastics.

  42. Avatar for Camilla Curtis

    Camilla Curtis

    Love the size – both when packed and open, strength and comfort of this backpack. It will live in my handbag, come with me on holiday and get lots of use.
    The only way I feel it could be improved is to have a double zip, one that opens from either side for easier access.

  43. Avatar for Jenny m

    Jenny m

    Bought two at The Rocks Craft ,Sydney, years and years ago. My husband and I always pack it just in case and always end up using it. Compact, lightweight, easy to wear and have 2 hands free and holds a lot including heavy things. Washable too! About to buy online for my now married sons who have kids.

  44. Avatar for Angela Maier

    Angela Maier

    Great products – really nice artwork on the bags – and fabulous service. Really impressed with how quickly I received my order. Thanks!

  45. Avatar for Christine Daldy

    Christine Daldy

    Really great bags. I have bought many from Onya over the years and now giving them as Christmas pressys.

  46. Avatar for Shyani S

    Shyani S

    I simply love this backpack. My dad brought me one back from a trip a couple of years ago and I have since bought two more for friends. They are extremely strong and useful to take on bush walks or overseas trips. I always pack it just in case and I have ALWAYS needed it =)

  47. Avatar for corri


    A must have for all festival and event goes!! My mom brought me an onya pack 2 years ago and it is still standing strong after a lot of thashing out!! I have since bought them for my friends as it is such a handy product. I have been surprised at how much it can hold without breaking – very reliable and useful product! great for any occasion.

  48. Avatar for Glen Blunden

    Glen Blunden

    I was thrilled to find this backpack with a boab tree on it. My friends absolutely love Broome and this gift to them brought back memories of their three trips there.

    Over the years I am now onto my eight backpack and have given many of them away as gifts. Everyone wants to know where to get more. I also have one large bag and a smaller one which are used daily.

    Many thanks.

  49. Avatar for Lauren C

    Lauren C

    Love it! Can use for so many things, easy to clean, very comfortable to wear, attractive designs and very well priced. They make wonderful gifts.

  50. Avatar for Kris B

    Kris B

    I have bought several of these bags for myself and others. They are fantastically versitile for a walk to the park with the kids or for overseas holidays. They make a fantastic gift too.

  51. Avatar for via Kidspot review

    via Kidspot review

    Jenny W.
    Onya Light Weight Back Pack.
    Excellent product. Holds quite a bit and is light and easy on the back. Very happy.

  52. Avatar for via Kidspot review

    via Kidspot review

    Celia W
    “Overseas Must’
    I coninue to run out of your Onya backpacks. Every friend is given one for their trip.They are so appreciative when then realise its advantages. Small, compact and strong.. allows the use of both hands . A certain MUST for OS travellers!

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