Onya Bulk Food Starter Sets

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A Complete solution for all your bulk food shopping needs, our Bulk Food Set has it all! Featuring a small, medium and large bulk food bag plus tote bag, all your bags are kept together with our clever carry case making it easy to keep all your bulk bags Onya.

  • Made from up to 26x Recycled Plastic Drink Bottles
  • Includes: Small, Medium & Large Bulk Bags + Tote & Carry Case
  • Bulk Bags Feature Tare Weights, No Pre-Weighing Needed
  • Carry Case holds up to 6 Bulk Bags + Tote
  • 100% Recyclable

Available Sizes: Small Medium Large
Also Available: Food Bag Set Tote Bag

What makes our Reusable Bulk Food Bag Set so good?

We love bulk food shopping as it is a great way to reduce waste in your life, but sometimes either remembering to or carrying lots of jars and containers can be really inconvenient.

Our beautiful vintage style reusable bulk food bag set has been designed to provide a convenient alternative for taking jars and containers to your local bulk food store.

The bulk food bags are also super handy to use when you would like to top up half filled containers at home. This means you no longer need to stock up on extra jars and containers on top of your current ones to use as “top up” containers, as our bulk food bags give you a light and compact way to top up as you need.

We love diverting existing waste from landfill which is why our bulk food bags are made from BPA free, food safe recycled plastic drink bottles.

Our bulk food bag set contains a large, medium and small bulk food bag along with our specially designed bulk food shopping tote. They are all conveniently stored in our innovative bulk food carry case which comes with an attached carabiner that can be clipped on to your bag and belt so you always have your bags On Ya.

Our Shopping tote boasts a double lined base and extra wide square gusset making it perfect for transporting bulk foods in both bags and jars.

Each of our bulk food bags feature the tare weight of the bag in both grams and ounces and they also have a clear window made of non-toxic, BPA & chlorine free PEVA. This window allows you to not only easily see what is inside your bag, but you can also write in that window the product, as well as any unique codes you may need when checking out. We recommend a coloured wax pencil or whiteboard marker only as permanent marker can be very difficult to remove. The window especially helpful when distinguishing products such as Self Raising and Plain Flour that otherwise look identical.

The volumes of the bulk food bags vary dependent on what you are putting in them. For example a small bag of flour is going to weigh more than a small bag of corn chips, but to give a rough idea we have modelled the look of our Bulk Food Bags on the classic 1kg/2lb and 2kg/4lb flour bags with the large being able to carry as much as 5kg/11lb.

To clean, a simple luke warm water handwash with a mild detergent is all that is needed. Line dry in the shade.

For further information and hints and tips on getting the most from your reusable bulk food bag set, please watch the product video located in the sidebar.


Award Winning Reusable Bulk Food Bags

  • Made from BPA Free food safe 100% recycled plastic drink bottles
  • 100% Recyclable & Sustainable
  • Clear window made of non-toxic, BPA & chlorine free PEVA allows you to see what is inside and to write product name/codes. We recommend a coloured wax pencil or whiteboard marker only as permanent marker can be very difficult to remove
  • Set contains Carry Case, Tote Bag & Small, Medium & Large Bulk Bags
  • Tare weight included on bag in grams and ounces
  • Use bags as light weight top up solution for existing jars at home
  • Small Bag Dimensions: 27cm long x 11cm wide/10.6in long x 4.3 in wide with 6.5cm/2.5in gusset
  • Medium Bag Dimensions: 35cm long x 15cm wide/13.7in long x 5.9in wide with 8.5cm/3.3in gusset
  • Large Bag Dimensions: 40cm long x 21cm wide/15.7in long x 8.2in wide with 10.5cm/4.1in gusset
  • Tote Bag Dimensions: 30cm long x 39.5cm wide/11in long x 15.5in wide with 24cm/9.4in gusset (includes built in pouch)
  • Bulk Set Carry Case Dimensions when folded: 22cm wide x 11.5cm long/8.6in wide x 4.5in long
  • Carry case holds up to 6 bulk food bags so you can add to the original set of three that comes with the set should you need more bags
  • Up to 26 recycled plastic drink bottles (rPET) used to make the full set
  • 100% Vegan Friendly
  • 12 month Manufacturer’s Warranty

Please note: The goal for our reusable bulk bags is to be able help people easily and conveniently transport their bulk food purchases home. The bags have been designed as a lightweight top up tool to replace the need for carrying jars and canisters when doing your shopping, and when you bring them home you should empty the contents into your storage jars and containers.

Although made from recycled plastic drink bottles and technically plastic, the rPET material that makes our bags is woven in nature not solid state plastic like a single use plastic bag which is non-permeable for air and water.

Because of the woven nature of the fabric, a solid state plastic bag will definitely prevent air from reaching the bulk food products better than our bulk bags will when storing your bulk food products. Things like pasta hold well in them, but things that rely on freshness are better stored in an airtight container.

Our bulk bags are definitely at their best when used to carry home your bulk food dry goods and transfer the contents into your bulk food storage jars and containers to ensure freshness.

A note on our packaging: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging which is made from post-consumer recycled material and printed with water based inks so it is suitable for both recycling and composting. We ship low waste and plastic free, reusing boxes and packing materials where we can or FSC certified shipping envelopes that are 100% recyclable.

Onya is proud to be a B Corporation. Our products are responsibly made in China and are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life cycle.



26 reviews for Onya Bulk Food Starter Sets

  1. Sarah G

    I shop in a bulk food store for nuts, grains, dried fruit etc – perfect!

  2. Chris W

    I brought these bags to enable me to buy bulk org foods, so good, they seal really well and wash/dry fast

  3. Jeanette S

    Love them
    Perfect for my trips to the wasteless pantry if I’ve forgotten my containers or stop on the way home. Always in my car.

  4. Laura R

    My fav eco purchase
    Makes using my local refill shop so easy and less bulky. Really easy to pour from too. The bags hold so much more than I was expecting!

  5. Monica C

    Great gifts to save the planet
    I purchased three bulk food starter sets for me and gifts for my two daughters. I was so excited to receive them, since they had to travel all the way to the US! They are very well-made and should last for a very longtime. Thumbs up to Onya for doing their part in saving our planet!

  6. James S

    Handy space savers
    If you find bring lager solid containers to the bulk store a bit of a pain, these are a great solution. Much easier to pack and fit into your bag on the way home.

  7. Kim W

    Handy & practical
    Keep the bulk food handling set with my shopping bags, very practical, easy for cashiers to see what’s in the bag & no spillage

  8. Lyn P

    Easy to order. Arrived quite quickly considering Covid. Like the products so far.

  9. Maria L

    Great quality, fast shipping and the webpage has all the info you need!

  10. Celeste

    I bought the starter pack + 2 extra bulk bags. I love the idea but I think the case could be bigger. If I place the tote + my new extra bags it closes but i don’t think I can fit any more bags in. I’d love to carry my bread bag in the case but it doesn’t fit.
    Having said that, it looks really good quality and I love having my bulk kit all together

  11. Dave

    Just went to my local bulk foods store and shopped with my new bags – absolutely love them already!

  12. Alex C

    Not sure what I’d do without these! A small refill shop recently opened up here, with another opening soon, so they have been so helpful. I’ve used them many times – easy to use and clean, light and compact, and the window lets me know what’s in there. Having the tare weight printed on the bag is useful for the cashier too. Highly recommend!

  13. Louise O

    Great products, excellent quality, highly recommend.

  14. Robyn B

    Absolutely brilliant product, though I would make 1 small change, the small clip attachment holds the pouch upside down and all the bags slip out, I didn’t realise this at first and sadly have lost 1 because of this, if the clip was on top or had some way to seal the bags inside it would be better

    • Onya HQ

      Hi Robyn,

      Duly noted on the carry case clip placement and that will be updated on our next production batch. The bags sliding out only seem to be a problem if the tote bag is not put back inside the bag as without the tote, there is a lot more space inside the pouch so the bags have the potential to slide out. Thanks much for your feedback and support, we appreciate both as well as your efforts to reduce plastic waste.

  15. Kelly H

    I really enjoy your products. My favorite part is the tare weight is written on the bag itself. So i don’t have to have them weighted in before I start shopping. these are the best bulk bags I have ever used. Thanks for all you do!

  16. April S

    I absolutely loved these bags so much when I opened up the first package that I had to order a few more. These bags will ultimately prevent me from bringing home more little brown bags with plastic lining and metal wires that usually hold my bulk goods from wholefoods. So far, using them has been a charm, even just when going to get a refill on my favorite coffee beans or just picking up some rice, barley, or oats. I do have to use an erasable marker on the plastic window of the bag so that the cashier can properly key in the right SKU number of the product. As soon as that’s done, it comes clean off with a finger or some tissue. I’ve definitely made recommendations to my friends, they too are on a mission to reduce single-use plastics and other materials in their lives.

  17. Robyn A

    Love my bulk food packs and always have; easy transactions with Onya and the products are great too 🙂

  18. Kim B

    Love my purchases from Onya. The bulk food bags are the best. Would love to see these in retailers in Canada. Thanks for such an amazing product.

  19. Dane B

    Great product and great initiative. Bags were dispatched and arrived on time and were of the highest quality.

  20. Sylvia

    I love these bags! The bread bag keeps my bread fresh but also allows it to breath a little so no moisture build up like with plastic bags! The bulk food bags are amazing and make life so easy!

  21. Carolyn D

    The product was excellent and my daughter was very excited to receive her bags for her birthday. She already has the bread bag and loves it.

  22. Vanessa M

    Love the new bulk food bags. I tend to buy too much when I go to the bulk store, but the different size bags will help me gauge the amount I buy. They’re easy to keep clean too. Keep up the good work Onya.

  23. Jo S

    Love the bags and glad I ordered a couple of sets. Took me a little while to find the tote inside the carry case.
    I have learnt to put the sticker on the bottom of the bag as it left a residue when I put it on the clear window.

  24. Claudine B

    It was amazing. Your product are high quality.

  25. Craig A

    great products, very useful and excellent quality!
    i’ll be recommending Onya to my friends

  26. Michele p

    Am finding the bulk food bags very handy. I am getting a lot of interest from them as well so am always happy to endorse ONYA products!

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A small refill shop recently opened up here, with another opening soon, so they have been so helpful. I’ve used them many times – easy to use and clean, light and compact, and the window lets me know what’s in there. Having the tare weight printed on the bag is useful for the cashier too. Highly recommend!

Alex C – verified web purchase

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