More Ideas For Green Gifts

Everybody can use a few extra tips on how to go green this Christmas, especially when it comes to giving gifts.

Much of the time, extra money and resources are spent on brand new goods that aren’t necessary. This Christmas, spare your wallet and the environment a bit of damage by putting a tad more thought into your gifts.

Check out local markets

Local markets are a great place to find high-quality, vintage goods you can gift to your loved ones.

Often, these will be at a much lower cost than anywhere else and also make unique and thoughtful presents.

Check out craft fairs, garage sales, op shops and other speciality shops. Second-hand book stores are often full of rare gems that would make the perfect gift for literary-loving friends.

In addition, look out for eco friendly products such as natural and organic cosmetics and food, and sustainable alternatives to plastic goods.

If your loved one is a caffeine fiend, stylish reusable coffee cups are a great option.

Gifts for the garden can certainly come in handy too, such as a potted plant or even a set of solar lights so the area can be illuminated at no cost.

Buy an experience

A great gift doesn’t have to be a physically tangible object! Instead, you can save some of the Earth’s resources by buying an experience.

This could be movie or concert tickets, a massage, a day at the rugby, a mini-golf game – the options are endless.

You could also give a gift voucher so you know the recipient can choose to buy an item they really want or need.

Think outside the square this season and see just how green you can make your gifts.