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Stainless Steel Drink Bottle 500ml/16oz

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Onya stainless steel drink bottle is a safe, BPA-free and sustainable way of carrying your water and drinks on the go.

Please Note: Our stainless steel drink bottle comes with a Flip & Flow Lid as standard

IMPORTANT: Due to Covid-19 safety concerns we are unable to allow 30 day returns on drink bottles (warranties are still honoured)

Sizes: 500ml/16oz | 750ml/25oz | 1000ml/33oz

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Please Note: Our stainless steel drink bottle come standard with our fastest flowing Flip and Flow lid

What makes our stainless steel drink bottle so good?

Drinking enough water is important. Bottled water is not only expensive, it also carries a terrible environmental cost. In addition, it is best to avoid plastic and aluminum as they are associated with a host of health risks.

To stay properly hydrated a brilliant reusable bottle is required, one made from sound materials incorporating great design.

Onya drink bottles are made from food-grade 304 stainless steel, the material of choice for the food and beverage industries. They don’t need to be lined and will never retain or leach flavours. No matter how many times you refill them, no matter what you put into them, the drinks in your Onya stainless steel drink bottle will always stay fresh and delicious.

With the perfect materials at hand, we set about designing the perfect bottle to match.

A curved ergonomic design means they don’t easily slip out of your hands. If they do get dropped, our stainless steel drink bottle is engineered to hinder common knocks. We want this bottle to last you a long time so it’s manufactured from the thickest possible grade of stainless steel, yet still as light weight as most reusable bottles.

Our stainless steel drink bottle has a wide mouth making it very easy to clean. This also helps if you like throwing in extras like ice, fruit or even smoothies.

We also think it’s important your bottle should look really good!

Accessorise with an insulating jacket, a choice of additional lids, and lanyard or carabiner style hangers.


  • BPA & Aluminium free
  • Ergonomic attractive design
  • Large stainless steel threads
  • Wide mouth
  • 100% Foodsafe
  • 750ml/25oz capacity
  • 7.8cm/3in diameter (without jacket)
  • 8.2cm/3.2in diameter (with jacket)
  • 24.5cm/9.6in circumference (without jacket)
  • 26cm/10.2in circumfeinrence (with jacket)
  • 23cm/9in high
  • Opening that Lid screws into is 4.4cm/1.7in diameter from inner lip to inner lip
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel composition
  • 12 month Manufacturers Warranty

Please note:

Cleaning: The paint in your coloured Onya stainless steel drink bottle is completely lead and toxin free. This paint is durable, but to prolong its life, we DO NOT recommend putting them in the dishwasher as high temperatures and strong dishwasher detergents can, eventually, cause the paint to chip and flake over time. The paintless brushed stainless steel drink bottle is the only bottle that is dishwasher safe.

Because all of our lids are BPA-free, we DO NOT recommend putting them in the dishwasher. BPA-free lids are more brittle than common plastic lids, so the high temperatures of a dishwasher can cause the lid to become weaker over time which could lead to breakages.

Leakage: Please be aware that our drink bottle lids with moveable parts are not 100% leak proof. Generally leaks only occur if bottles are left on their side or upside down in a bag, or if the lid is in a closed position in a hot car, and leaks are usually negligible, however we advise that if you seek a 100% leakproof lid the screw top lid will be the most suitable.

Toddlers: We DO NOT recommend our drink bottles for children under 3 as the lid have movable parts that pose as a possible choking hazard if chewed or accidentally damaged.

Lid Compatability: As there have been a few slight design changes to the drink bottles and drink bottle lids our current range of drink bottle lids may no longer fit your drink bottle if from 2014 or older, with the exception of the Screw Top lid (which has a “Universal Thread”). If you prefer a lid other than the Screw Top and you have an older Onya drink bottle please contact us for an alternative solution.


A note on our packaging: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging which is made from post-consumer recycled material and printed with water based inks so it is suitable for both recycling or composting. We ship low waste and plastic free, reusing boxes and packing materials where we can or FSC certified shipping envelopes that are 100% recyclable.

Onya is proud to be a B Corporation. Our products are responsibly made in China and are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life cycle.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 g
Dimensions 23.5 × 8.5 × 8.5 cm

32 reviews for Stainless Steel Drink Bottle 500ml/16oz

  1. Avatar for John W

    John W

    5 Stars

  2. Avatar for Jennifer G

    Jennifer G

    Love it
    My son uses this for school and I love it!!!

  3. Avatar for Anna L

    Anna L

    Functional love
    There are a few products in my life that bring me actual joy to use every day. I have 2 stainless steel bottles from Onya now and I rely on them every day. I recently bought a replacement cap for one bottle I’ve had for about 8 years or more. Good as new.

  4. Avatar for Kristy T

    Kristy T

    Nice compact size for everyday use
    I like the size of this bottle for work as not too heavy to carry in my handbag. Stylish colour and sturdy lid

  5. Avatar for Dianne B

    Dianne B

    Love them, have 4. This is my 4th bottle, I have 2 in this size, plus the 750ml and 1 litre size.

  6. Avatar for Laura C

    Laura C

    Speedy delivery and best water bottles I’ve found for school.

  7. Avatar for Joanne H

    Joanne H

    We have been using your water bottles and shopping bags for many years.
    I love the fresh produce bags that we recently bought. It’s good that we are able to replace the bottle lids.

  8. Avatar for Therese S

    Therese S

    Thank you for all your products. It is a better feeling knowing that we are helping to alleviate a problem rather than making it worse. Good delivery and happy with products.

  9. Avatar for Leanne W

    Leanne W

    I love Onya bottles, have had them in the past, together with great fast service you can’t go wrong 🙂

  10. Avatar for Nicole J

    Nicole J

    Best drinking bottle. Doesn’t leak!. Love it.

  11. Avatar for Jed H

    Jed H

    We recently bought a bottle for our daughter who was always trying to steal our eldest daughters bottle.
    Our eldest has had her bottle for two years and it goes everywhere with her. It’s survived everything and is still in great condition.
    We have far less problems now after the latest purchase.

  12. Avatar for Glenda L

    Glenda L

    I have owned my Onya bottle for several years and recently purchased 2 different sizes for my gym junkie sister for her birthday. She totally loves them and we are both so happy to be using a sustainable product.

  13. Avatar for Anthea K

    Anthea K

    Excellent product with excellent service

  14. Avatar for Natalie


    Onya bottles are fantastic quality. I have been using this style for the last nine years for my three kids and will continue to do so in the future. They are strong, the shape makes them easy to hold, the stainless steel finished can be washed in the dishwasher, the wide neck makes them easy to clean plus you can get replacement lids! The customer service from Onya is great too!

  15. Avatar for Julie


    I bought the small one to carry in my handbag when I am out and about. I love the shape of it and the bright green is easy to see in my large deep handbag

  16. Avatar for Jana


    I love it!

  17. Avatar for Heather C

    Heather C

    Love these bottles!! They are a great shape and are good for little hands to hold. I’m so happy I bought these and will be telling anyone who listens how good they are!

  18. Avatar for Janis E

    Janis E

    Just purchased the 500ml bottle with the sports lid for my 3 year old. This is his second bottle, he previously had the 300ml for 2 years. Still got plenty of use left in the old bottle, will keep as a spare. These bottles are the best I’ve used, great quality, easy to clean & interchangeable lids are a bonus!

  19. Avatar for Shanneen Brady

    Shanneen Brady

    Great product, my kids love their bottles.

  20. Avatar for Janice Hayes

    Janice Hayes

    I go to the Gym 4 times a week and needed a recyclable water bottle as I don’t like the plastic ones. My daughter has bought her’s from Onya and gave me the website. There is a wonderful colour range as well as sizes. The bottle came very quickly and was packaged well (although it is a shame to discard the packaging it is so good) and I am very happy with the colour.

  21. Avatar for kwhitney55@gmail.com


    I bought the 350ml for my toddler with the accessories. She drinks so much water now. It gets a beating and sometimes the cover gets very messy but I love that I can throw it in the wash and it looks brand new again. Have just purchased 3 bigger sized bottles for my older children. I love that there are so many colour options so everyone recognises their bottle straight away.

  22. Avatar for Vanessa


    Very sturdy, no leakage, great colours and a really good ergonomic shape especially for little kids.

  23. Avatar for Jacqui H

    Jacqui H

    Love this bottle!! My daughter has been using it for nearly 2 years and it’s still in great shape. I kow her water is fresh when it’s in there and I love the fact that I was able to order new tops/lids for this school year. I’m sure it’ll be going for many more years to come. Top quality and value AAA+

  24. Avatar for Nat S

    Nat S

    Fantastic shape and size and lovely bright colours. Also, they seal really well so they don’t leak 🙂

  25. Avatar for Susie


    I love the Onya water bottles!! I was always buying and trying new bottles for myself and my husband… until I found these awesome bottles!! I have a 500ml so it can fit in my handbag and purchased 2 different lids so that one is completely sealed and no leakage, my husband a larger one. We use them every day, and they are still as good quality as the day I bought them. I will soon purchase a little one for our baby due mid this year, as I think they are the best thing out & would not bother with any other brand!! Totally recommend the product to everyone 🙂

  26. Avatar for Annette west

    Annette west

    Best drink bottle ever. I have had one for years. Am about to replace it just for a change of colour.

  27. Avatar for Sonia Taylor

    Sonia Taylor

    Love these bottles purchased one for my sone that started kindy this year he now has two, one for home and one for kindy and have tried the new lids must say they are awsome !! well worth the money will last for ever and love i can get the bottle brush in there !

  28. Avatar for DaisyBoo


    Love the products. Will purchase again from the range at a future date.

  29. Avatar for Jen


    I love this drink bottle. There is nothing else i can foresee me wanting to use as a drink bottle after using this bottle. Nothing comes close to ONYA in my humble opinion.

  30. Avatar for via Kidspot review

    via Kidspot review

    Alexsandra G.
    Lovely Solid Products.
    I purchased the Onya water bottles for my 3 boys. They have been the only ones that have lasted long term PLUS you can get replacement lids easily. The only reason I recently purchased new ones is because my boys had bashed up their old ones so much that I was starting to get embarrassed for them – but I have kept the olds ones as spares.

  31. Avatar for via Kidspot review

    via Kidspot review

    Marie R.
    Great Products.
    Do yourself a favour and get some fabulous things for your kids. I’m loving the sandwich wraps and drink bottles for school, play and everyday. Sandwich Wrap is a must have if you have a little someone (or a bigger someone) in need of a sandwich or snack. It doubles as a placemat and that’s super handy! Let’s not forget the adults here… school drop off is a breeze with the BYO Coffee Cups 🙂

  32. Avatar for via Kidspot review

    via Kidspot review

    Tenille B – 22/10/2012
    Onya Bottles
    We have been using them for at least 2yrs now and they’re great!..Especially all the different lids as it always prompts my daughter to drink water.

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