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Now you can proudly carry a sustainable and long lasting recycled stuffable side bag that has its origins in single use plastic drink bottles. Each of the available colours has two design options; one simply with the Onya logo and the other with the quote “Sustainability isn’t a hippie thing, it’s a survival thing”.



What makes our Side Bag so good?

Ethically made from recycled plastic drink bottles, this durable Side Bag makes a perfect day bag and stuffs down into a fist-sized carry pouch so you can take it with you anywhere, anytime.

The fully adjustable strap can be worn either over the shoulder or for a more comfortable experience, across the body.

This bag is perfect to be used as a lightweight day bag and can fit a 13 inch lap top plus chargers and accessories easily and can hold weights up to 4kg (8.8lb).

The two mesh side pockets can be used to stow drink bottles, spare cords/chargers, pens or even snacks for easy access on the go.

Phones can be stored securely in one of the two internal pockets with access for wired headphones through the headphone port in the top of the bag.

With a large zippered external pocket, two internal pockets, large internal storage cavity with a 13cm (5.1 inches) double lined gusset, as well as the two mesh side panels, our Side Bag has ample storage options and allows you to easily access your items.

We believe that with all these additional new features, we have taken the old and much loved version of our Side Bags and made them better, we hope you will love this range refresh as much as we do!


  • Lightweight and super-tough
  • Expandable shoulder strap fits across the body
  • Large centre compartment
  • Double lined side panels for extra strength
  • Front pocket with zip closure
  • Two internal pockets
  • Side mesh pockets
  • 40cm across x 35cm high x 12cm gusset (width) / 16in across x 14in high x 5in gusset (width)
  • Stuffable carry pouch with carabiner clip included
  • Carries up to 4kg / 8.8lb
  • Adjustable shoulder strap length from 57cm to 107cm / 22.4in x 42.1in
  • 100% recyclable
  • Weighs just 130gms / 4.5oz
  • Made from up to 11 plastic drink bottles
  • 12 month Manufacturers Warranty

A note on our packaging: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging which is made from post-consumer recycled material and printed with water based inks so it is suitable for both recycling or composting. We ship low waste and plastic free, reusing boxes and packing materials where we can or FSC certified shipping envelopes that are 100% recyclable.

Onya is proud to be a B Corporation. Our products are responsibly made in China and are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life cycle.

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15 reviews for Onya Side Bags

  1. Avatar for Anne H

    Anne H

    Really useful
    Would like a pocket where I could put my phone. But love my bag it’s light and easy to use.

  2. Avatar for Jen L

    Jen L

    Great wee bag –
    Really like the idea of it – doesn’t hold its shape unless completely full so looks a bit cheap when only a few items in it. But great size and super light material. 10 stars for customer service and values!

  3. Avatar for Lexie P

    Lexie P

    Great for shopping. Holds heaps.

  4. Avatar for Jennifer J

    Jennifer J

    I Use it for work & I love it…

  5. Avatar for Suzanne B

    Suzanne B

    For travelling ONYA is the best…so compact and light and can carry a lot

  6. Avatar for Dianne B

    Dianne B

    I love my Onya products, I have quite a few now. It’s great to be able to use things made from plastic bags, and to reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill, and doing my bit for the environment.

  7. Avatar for Catherine F

    Catherine F

    First time customer, and very pleased with my bag. Amazing quality and stylish bag

  8. Avatar for Brenda K

    Brenda K

    The service I received was over and above anything I could have expected. The product is very good. Well designed and good quality material. I couldn’t have asked for more. Well done.

  9. Avatar for Claire


    My onya side bag has traveled the world & can still fit a pizza box & a bag of potatoes in the grocery shop, would like a new one please update me when avalible.

  10. Avatar for Gail Hill

    Gail Hill

    Can not understand why side bags were discontinued I have been using them for years great bags would not replace with a shopper bag as I like my hands free bought lots as presents always appreciated, wish they would reappear also be available in the uk as I need a new one as even though mine are still usable after years of use I need one for (best ) as mine is slightly tatty .

    • Avatar for Onya HQ

      Onya HQ

      Hi Gail,

      So glad to hear you have gotten years use out of your Side Bag. To clarify, the bags were not discontinued, just a long redesign process and we thank you for your patience. We should be relaunching them in the next few weeks providing no further delays and hope to have them on the sites no later than mid-January 2020. We are currently waiting for final quality check and as soon as they are approved and received to our warehouse we will be making them available on both our main Australia site (with worldwide shipping) and shortly after on our UK site (with direct UK and European shipping). You can sign up for the wait list by emailing your interest to and you will receive first notice of availability.

  11. Avatar for Jess S

    Jess S

    Adding to the eulogies for the original ‘onya side’ bag – they still seem to be available in the US – Is this a different Onya, and if not are there plans to bring these back to the UK? The new version pictured above looks different – not as ‘stuffable’, maybe not as strong, and is the strap adjustable? Also not as pretty as the old ones. Hopefully I’m wrong and look forward to trying them – but honestly, the old bag was the perfect product and there is nothing else approaching it anywhere. It actually carries heavy things, has a squareish base, is comfortable, doesn’t slip off your shoulder and packs away into a tiny thing in seconds. I have had the same one for 10 years and have used it most days. Never lost! It’s falling to pieces now (many times resewn), and I just can’t understand why such a perfect thing no longer exists.

    • Avatar for Onya HQ

      Onya HQ

      Hi Jess,

      It is wonderful to hear from you!

      We think it’s great that you are a big fan of our original Sidebag from when Onya first began, we appreciate the feedback you have given that the Sidebag is the perfect product catering to your needs, when you mentioned you have had your Sidebag for 10 years we were amazed and pleased to hear of it’s long life.

      Our goal at ONYA is to offer customers a well thought out, quality alternative to single-use plastic, after many customer requests we decided our Sidebag required a freshen up in it’s design and appearance, whilst we couldn’t agree with you more that it was perfect as it was, with these changes it is still essentially the same Sidebag stuffable into it’s carry pouch, with some feature upgrades that we have included following below.

      Bag size 12cm x 40cm x 35cm / 5in x 16in x 14in, slightly larger than the previous version
      Expandable shoulder strap fits across the body
      Large centre compartment
      Double lined side panels for extra strength
      Front pocket with zip closure
      Two internal pockets
      Side mesh pockets
      Made from up to 11 plastic drink bottles

      Something important we wanted to mention your Sidebag would be made from virgin polyester, and we are now using rPET material or in other words recycled plastic drink bottles as mentioned above, whilst rPET (a fabric made from recycled BPA free single use plastic drink bottles) is a stiffer fabric than the parachute fabric of your Sidebag, it will soften with use, though will never be quite as soft or light as the parachute fabric.

      Sounds wild but it is really quite simple: plastic bottles are gathered from recycling plants and are cleaned and sorted. Then they are crushed into small flakes, heated to melting point and extracted to create yarn – which is used to make bags here at Onya!

      Creating an eco-friendly product in this way – from an already existing material rather than straight from scratch – saves on energy and resources and also means there is less plastic polluting the natural environment or wasting away in landfill. It is these processes and products that will help us build a more sustainable planet and way of living, rather than simply churning through resources and living beyond our means.

      We realised that unless recycled materials are used to make everyday products, then none of us are really recycling, so we thought maybe we can set an example for industry on how these existing resources can be used rather than using virgin materials, our dream is that one day, recycled and repurposed materials will be the first stop for manufacturing globally.

      Thanks to this initiative, we estimate that 9.24 tonnes of single use plastic drink bottles were prevented going to landfill from produce bag production alone, with an estimated 31,136,040 single use plastic produce bags not having to be used, the Sidebag itself will keep 11 bottles out of landfill and our environment.

      The stockist you have provided the link for is located in Western Australia similarly to us, these colour and design Sidebags have not been around for many years and we have to say they are as rare as hens teeth to find online, we would suggest if this design is perfect for you and your needs that you snap up the last of their stock for your stash 🙂

      If the demand grows for different designs, patterns and colours of our new Sidebags we would certainly look into producing these for our customers, while welcoming any feedback on the changes and features of the new Sidebag.

      We would be more than happy to add your email to our exclusive list so that you are notified as soon as the Sidebags are in stock, if you would like to receive this notification please do let us know.

      Thanks for reaching out to us with your very valued feedback Jess, and we hope you continue to enjoy your original Sidebag!

  12. Avatar for Helen


    Still waiting to replace my awesome side bag that I have had for years!! When r I going to get the new ones in stock?

    • Avatar for Onya HQ

      Onya HQ

      Hi Helen,

      We are working towards that and are hoping to have them back by the end of this year at the latest. Thanks much for your support and encouragement, and we know this is not the answer you wanted but we are working on it (as well as many other exciting things to come).

  13. Avatar for Michael Kerman

    Michael Kerman

    I keep checking to see if sidebags are back. And still no news. I use my sidebag daily…never leave home without one. These are by far the best and most comfortable bags due to their weight, strength and shoulder strap. So much easier to carry anything with weight on shoulder and 2 free hands. There is nothing else like them.
    I do hope are for sale again soon.

  14. Avatar for Patrick B

    Patrick B

    A briliant product where can I get it? in thr UK, or Australia

    • Avatar for Onya HQ

      Onya HQ

      Hi Patrick, Thanks for your message and the encouraging words on our Side Bags. Unfortunately the Side Bags are currently unavailable as we are looking to refresh the range hopefully later in 2018, keeping all the great things our customers love about the bags of course! We’d love to hear of any improvements that you or other customers think we should make to them, as well as what is specifically loved about the Side Bags. Thanks again for your support and encouragement, we appreciate it.

  15. Avatar for Bec


    I have a few of these in black and blue and use them all the time! I use them for shopping as I prefer a cross body bag (feels nicer on my back), but have also used them for; day at the beach (holds so much and so easy to wash the sand off afterwards), sports days (I love that this can hold shoes and drink bottles), bush walking (holds jumpers/coats that are soon discarded when out walking), library trips and pool. I have one in the car, one attached to the pram and one in my handbag! So far mine are 5 (?) Year’s old and look new. Fantastic product!

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