What’s In A Backpack?

You might already be conscious about avoiding single-use plastic bags and instead opting for reusable shopping bags. The advantages of reusable bags include sturdier and more reliable bags, helping the environment by reducing waste – and sometimes there is even a cost benefit as an increasing number of outlets charge for single-use plastic bags.

But what do you know about other varieties of bags, such as a backpack?

Backpacks are available which are extra friendly to the environment. Have you ever wondered what happens when you recycle a single-use plastic drink bottle?

Well, when recycled, these bottles are turned from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) into fibre, to create a reusable bag. That’s double the environmental benefit – a plastic bottle is put to good use, and you get a strong, sturdy reusable bag out of it!

It only takes about three drinking bottles to make a reusable backpack, comprising about 51 per cent of the bag.

So while it’s a good idea to invest in one of these bags as an environmentally friendly choice, it also encourages the concept of recycling, as through the recycling of plastic bottles the backpacks are able to be created.

Consumers have the power to influence businesses and manufacturers into making eco friendly decisions, simply through the items they choose to purchase.

If you’re looking to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, then you may want to choose eco friendly products when you can. If you find that there is a lack of range in the types of items available, then it can be a good idea to write to a company or manufacturer urging them to ‘go green’ with their products – the more that people demand clean, green products, the more likely companies are to make the change.