Why Do Reusable Shopping Bags Make Great Promotional Products?

Is your company looking for a way to get its brand name out there and in the public eye in a way that’s useful, valuable and sustainable? Are you looking for the best possible promotional products out there to help you do it?

In that case, you can’t go past Onya and its reusable, eco friendly products, such as its shopping bags.

Onya has a variety of reusable bags, ranging from the ultra-convenient tote bag to produce bags, backpacks and more. One of the benefits of promotional products like these is that they’re incredibly useful for the recipient, so they’ll always be taking them on-the-go and exposing your brand name and logo to others. What more could you ask from a promotional item?

Better still, your brand’s design is woven onto the bag with a high-quality label that’s resistant to wear and tear, so your message and emblem will remain on the bag for a long time. With Onya products, there isn’t any scratching or wearing of designs. They’re made to last, thanks in part to Onya’s philosophy of reducing the world’s waste and making products that can be used time and time again, going the distance.

You can rest assured that Onya promotional bags are strong and durable. While they can expand to fit a literal bucket load of goods, they can also fold down into a compact and handy pouch smaller than the palm of your hand. As they come with a practical clip, too, they can be attached to a keyring or handbag with ease, able to be taken anywhere and everywhere on the go. The bag won’t get in the way at all, but will always be there when needed.

In addition to this, products from Onya are eco friendly and sustainable, which is not only great for the planet but also for your brand or company image. The products are made from a compound called rPET, or recycled polyethylene terephtalate, which is garnered from disposable plastic water or fizzy drink bottles during the recycling process. Therefore, a bunch of recycled items are getting a second life through Onya bags, helping to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Furthermore, since Onya products are themselves reusable, they encourage a culture and practices that values resourcefulness and reuse. Rather than relying on single-use, plastic disposable products, these reusable options items offer a new option and alternative that can help reduce the global waste issue. The promotional bags are even machine washable, so there’s never any need to part ways with these robust and long-lasting items.

When you opt for an Onya reuseable bag or product, you’re making an ethical choice, and that speaks volumes about you and your company.

Get your company out there and emblazoned on a product that recipients are sure to value and use day in, day out. With a whole range of colours, styles and sizes on offer, there’s bound to be a bag to fit your vision and needs. Whether you are giving them out at a conference, providing them to your clients or gifting them to your staff, Onya reusable promotional products are something everybody is grateful to receive.

If you’re interested in promoting your brand in an eco friendly and sustainable, useful and valuable way, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Onya to find out more. No matter what industry you’re in, or what your specific need are, we’re confident we’ve got something that’s the perfect fit.